1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Hall of Fame-Booed to Standing Ovation”

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“Baseball’s Shrine Honors the Best”


The sun splashed down on Cooperstown, New York on Sunday, a record crowd a block from the Hall of Fame, for the induction of 3-more greats to the Hall.

Baseball honored Pudge Rodriguez, the legendary catcher, Tim Raines, the complete ballplayer, and Astros slugger Jeff Bagwell.

It also saluted Braves and Royals GM-John Scherholz.

Honored for how they played the game, and their stats on the field.

Applause and respect.

And then there was Bud Selig, greeted with a chorus of boos. By the time he was done, it was a standing ovation.

He did so many things in his career. He was victimized too in his career. All his work was done off the field.

Remembered for the nasty strike that cancelled the World Series. Blamed for the Steroid era that stained the baseball record book. Mocked for some stupid rules wrapped around the All Star game.

But his speech on Sunday was not about him, it was about him being a consensus maker, and getting all the other owners to agree to deals that were better for the game.

If you are keeping score at home, take a look at what he did. Then tell me, how good was he?

Bud Selig..Emotional Hall of Fame speech..said Hall of Fame is the ‘Soul of Baseball’…’Baseball is Treasure to America-Fabric of our Country’..’Loved my baseball life’….Said his biggest challenge was to heal the divide in baseball…Owners-vs-Union…Owners-vs-Owners…Small Market-vs-Big Market…the 1994-strike….PED that undermined Integrity of game.

Bud Selig’s accomplishments as Commissioner
..Interleague play
..3-Division alignment
..Wildcard playoff games
..World Baseball Classic
..Umpires Association
..Instant Replay Review
..Retire #42-honor Jackie Robinson
..Labor Peace
..Economic growth
..Developing MLB Network
..Developing MLB.com
..Revenue Sharing
..Luxury Tax on Payrolls
..Gold Standard Drug Testing

He was booed in the beginning, given a standing ovation at the end.


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