1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Help-I Overdosed on Football”

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Overdosing on Football”


I thought about calling 911 and asking for EMS help.
So much football on TV, I was going into shock.  A bad case of overdose.
Saturday was wild.  Sunday was beyond that.

CHARGERS-49ERS…I said it was going to be a ‘rock fight’ and it was ugly and the Niners wore down an outmanned Bolts teams….Give them credit the Chargers kept throwing rocks up till the final possession….They ran out of players and time on the clock…The injury list grows and grows…The Niners made enough mistakes in the first half, helmet hit penalty ejection…dropped TD pass in the end zone…fumbled reception in at the 32..they could have lost the game in the opening half…but their run game took over and owned the second half…Best game of the season by Khalil Mack 3-tackles for losses…a sack…2-prxessures…But the rookies in the OL got schooled giving up 7-pressures and a sack.  It’s only one loss, but now they have more walking wounded and the Chiefs coming into town.

CHIEFS..Anyone going to put a lid of this Patrick Mahomes led offense-good luck.  Everything they have is an interchangeable part, all these different types of wide receivers, the multiple running backs, and then Mahomes, making plays down the field, and creating plays out of broken plays.

VIKINGS….An (8-1) record under rookie head coach Kevin O’Connell, finding a way to win all these come from behind games with Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook.  That was a signature win in Buffalo.  Sunday, phenomenal catches, amazing defensive plays, goal like stands, turnovers in the end zone, takeaways too.  Send out the EMS units to help the Viks-Bills fans recover.

BILLS..Josh Allen, big plays and big turnovers.  They are still a dynamic team, but 6-interceptions in last 3-games, a bunch in the red zone.  Sunday he threw for (330) ran for (84) but threw critical picks.  Still a bit of ‘Wyoming’ in him.  Why did you do that?

TAMPA…Tom Brady not done yet.  The big key is, he is not turning the ball over, virtually no interceptions, with very little help running the ball.

GIANTS…They are not sexy, they just slug their way to wins.  Saquon Barkley is powering the Blue to wins and Daniel Jones has stopped throwing interceptions.  A pleasant surprise season, but not sure they are more than a one and one playoff team.  But you cannot take their 7-wins away from them.

MIAMI..Since coming off the bad 3-week stretch because of the concussion issue, Tua Tagovailoa has 10TDs-0 Interceptions.  He has emerged as a game changer no longer a game manager at quarterback.

DALLAS…Think of this.  Cowboys playing tremendous defense, now have Dak back at quarterback, will get their top LT Tyron Smith back shortly, and have yet to have all their wide receivers back on the field at the same time.
They are coming.

PACKERS…Aaron Rodgers does not have much help around him right now but he put up a real fight against the Cowboys.

BEARS…Justin Fields, throwing it, running it, doing it.  Think if they had anything around him on offense, what they might be.  He is on a fast track to success.  They’re (3-7)

RAIDERS…Just asking, did they hire the wrong  coach, wrong GM, do they have the wrong owner?  Can you belive all the deals, all the deals made, to get to a (2-7) record.

BROWNS…They get Deshaun Watson back to practice for 2-weeks then he can play after the mess he made of his life.  His team, a mess too, at (3-6)

EAGLES…(9-0), is all I need to say.

AZTECS…It’s taken them 8-weeks to figure out they had a quarterback on the roster all along.  The offensive front is starting to come around.  The defense is showing signs of coming together.  Too bad it’s so late in the season.  Too bad football fans are no longer coming to Snapdragon Stadium.  SDSU has lost the community.  Great win over San Jose State, coming from behind, but it does not matter.

USC…Everything we thought they would be on offense, but now you lose RB-Travis Dye with a broken leg, and they still don’t play championship caliber defense..

UCLA…Now they are out of the playoff hunt, but Dorian Robinson and Zac Charbonnet are a great tandem.  Too bad this is their final year and all you get back next is Chip Kelly.

OREGON..A stunning loss at home to the Washington Huskies  Can still rectify all this with a win in the Pac 12-championship game.  Bo Nix is a dynamic quarterback.

GEORGIA-OHIO STATE…Can we just fast forward to the CFP title game.  Don’t need any run up games actually.  Yes Michigan-Ohio State will decide who is the second best team in the nation to oppose Georgia I assume in the title game.

TCU..what a season, but not really equal to those above them in the polls

ALABAMA-CRIMSON…1-school (Tigers) has inefficiency at quarterback.  The other (Tide) does not have enough around the quarterback and that is why they have two losses each and are no longer dominant.

I got thru it, this weekend of a football overdone, kind of like a sugar rush.  I will be back to normal on Monday, at least till next football weekend.




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