1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “It’s a QB-World”

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“It’s a QB World”

If you have a good NFL-quarterback, lucky you.
If you don’t-you don’t have a chance.

This weekend more than any other time drove home that message, and raised a secondary question I will pose in a minute.

Patrick Mahomes continued to work his magic, this time in a road game for the first time, in the Kansas City Chiefs playoff win in Buffalo.  It was his (215Y) passing day, his leadership, his ability to hit passes to Travis Kelce and unleash RB-Isaiah Pacheco.  Sure he played a ton of games at Arrowhead Stadium, but he is now (33-12) away from home in games.  He is now (13-3) in postseason.  And he is (87-25) in his career.

Josh Allen is everything to Buffalo, despite not winning for a third time against Kansas City in the playoffs.  Granted he is (5-5) in his career in playoff games.  But he does it all, piling up (258APY) even in the gut wrenching loss.  He ends the season with nearly (5300Y) and 50-TDs this season.

Lamar Jackson willed the Baltimore Ravens to the AFC finals with another outstanding game in their lopsided win over Houston.  Pass-run-lead, he does it all and for the first time in his stay in the Charm City, the Ravens put a ton of quality skill people around him.

Jared Goff has resurrected his career thanks to a change of address, better coaching and maturity.  Goff is part of the ringleaders who will play in the NFC-title game next weekend, after throwing 34-TD passes this year in a star season in a city that needs a star.

Pick a star in San Francisco, and Brock Purdy finds a way to get him the ball.  It is a galaxy of great talent on the 49ers roster, but the last player picked in the NFL draft a couple of years ago, has a (113-QB) rating and (35TD) passes.

There are other quality QBs in the league, who put their teams in good situations this past fall.  Baker Mayfield fixed his career in Tampa Bay.  CJ Stroud did what no one expected in Houston.  We know about the Tua Tagovailoa season in Miami.  What Matthew Stafford’s career has been in LA.  That was some breakout first season as a starter for the Packers’ Jordan Love.

They have all won, gone into the playoffs, and some to a Super Bowl too.

You have to have a good-to-great quarterback to win in this league.  Those franchises mentioned above have them.

The Chargers have one also in Justin Herbert, who has never won a playoff game yet.  You salute the likes of the guy in Buffalo, the leader in Kansas City and other places.

You should question why Justin Herbert seems sentenced to mediocrity by the organization he plays for.  You have to imagine the knot in the pit of the stomach of Justin Herbert, seeing what all these other great NFL-QBs have done, and what he has not been able to do, because of how pitiful his organization is.


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