1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Lakers-Clippers-NBA Changing Landscape”

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“Lakers-Clippers–Changing NBA Landscape”


The earthquake registered 7.1-on the Richter scale…the one east of Bakersfield.

The NBA earthquake registered just as big and probably rocked the foundation of one team more than others.

The LA Clippers have officially arrived with the mega-money signing of Kawhi Leonard and the mega 7-for-1 trade to get Paul George from Oklahoma City.

The Lakers, who earlier had worked a 6-for-1 trade to acquire New Orleans’ Anthony Davis, and dealt 3-young players and more draft picks, to Washington, to get under the salary cap, didn’t get what they wanted, Leonard.

The Clippers weekend had to be the biggest in club history, exceeding the Chris Paul-Blake Griffin era. Definitely bigger than the day the NBA forced out controversial owner Donald Sterling.

The Clippers win turned into another bad Lakers loss. Yes the Purple & Gold are a playoff team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but they are not the legendary team they had hoped to be.

The roster has been filled out with fillers like DeMarco Cousins, Danny Green,

You can now talk about the Clippers potential in the same sentence as the great run put together by Golden State.

You won’t have to use phrases, six non-playoff years in a row, when referencing the other team in the building, the Lakers, but there is fallout to be concerned about going forward.

Whereas the Clippers have two stars at the zenith of their careers in Kawhi and George, the Lakers have an aging King James, a star but oft-injured AD, lots of role players, and no future draft picks to fix anything, if anything goes wrong.

Long gone now are the Lakers glory years, stretching from West-Baylor-Chamberlain, thru Magic-Worthy-Cooper…to Kobe-Shaq-Phil.

Long gone too are the inept-disgraceful days of all things Clippers-Donald Sterling, low budget high-controversy times.

The Lakers will be good for a short period of time.

The Clippers could be great for years.

Bet on one thing for sure. A likely Clippers championship banner in that building. You can probably bet also, that whatever success the Lakers have in the next two seasons will be short circuited by the Clippers, and short-lived because of the age issues with the Lake Show.

The landscape has surely changed in the LA market. Here come the Clippers…there goes the Lakers.

That was some earthquake…near Ridgecrest….and the one that shook the basketball court at Staples Center.


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