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“Lots of Opinions-Lots of Stories”


CHARGERS….Not much more can be said about the dislike-hatred-lack of respect being directed now at Chargers owner Dean Spanos. He is taking hits from all sides now, in this city, in LA, and around the nation. His impulsive action has buried once and for all his credibility and business acumen. Welcome to the first week of the rest of your life, which you have ruined.

NFL….League office has a black eye too, for either granting Spanos permission to have an option to move to LA, or for not trying to take the extra step forward to creatively do a ‘bridge loan’ to help out in the interim. Don’t care to hear now from Roger Goodell about post-scripts. N-F-L now stands for ‘no fan loyalty’.

ANTI-TRUST SUITS…Who knows who is going to finance an anti-trust action against Goodell and Spanos for what happened to the San Diego market? Who knows if they can get an injunction? Who knows if they could ever win, and how long would it take? Shall be an interesting couple of weeks to see what Mayor Kevin Faulconer does.

DID YOU KNOW…The day the Chargers unveiled their LA pep rally press conference, was the 22nd anniversary of the greatest day in Chargers history, the AFC championship win in Pittsburgh and the party that night at the Stadium. Shame on Spanos for forgetting what winning did to this city and what that team meant to San Diego fans.

PATRIOTS…Playing the best at the right time. You many not like Bill Belicheck, but the eye for talent and role players who fit all the things Tom Brady can do, is impressive. WR-Chris Hogan was a castoff from Buffalo. Julian Edelman bounced around. LeGarrett Blount had multiple problems elsewhere. Tom Brady brings it all together. An amazing accomplishment. Brady (17-3) in postseason at home. Belicheck now with 25-career wins.

STEELERS…Lots of disappointment in Pittsburgh, but this was a building year for a young defense, notably in the secondary. Once RB-Le’Veon Bell got hurt, Ben Roethlisberger’s offensive options were gone. Getting Matavis Bryant back off suspension, the return to health of Ladarius Green and Derrius Heyward-Bey will make a big difference.

FALCONS…They’ve been building for this for awhile, putting all the bullets in QB-Matt Ryan’s gun. WR-Mo Sanu, the discovery of two kid tight ends, the two-headed monsters at RB-Freeman-Coleman, makes Atlanta dynamic and dangerous.

PACKERS…Tough to imagine things going downhill around Aaron Rodgers, but that’s not much of an offensive line, not much of a run game, and not much of a secondary. The Packers need to rethink free agency, and become somewhat of a player. Rodgers is the flag carrier, but he deserves better than what he has now.


APOLOGIES…Website has been down for a couple of days because of connectivity problems with server and company that runs it. . I can provide lots of content, but technology prevented fans from getting access to it.

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