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SPANOS-VS-SPANOS…Keep an eye out for a new development in the family lawsuit, Dea Spanos demanding Dean Spanos sell the club because of massive financial losses.  She went to a judge Friday asking for an injunction preventing the NFL from forcing the case into arbitration rather than litigation.  She says this is a legal matter impacting charitable foundations Dean has damaged.  It is not an issue about football games or contracts or players.

BRANDON STALEY…Love the energy and enthusiasm of the new Bolts head coach.  An impressive set of OTA workouts.  Everything is new for QB-Justin Herbert.  Now to get rid of the old, losing.

BLAKE SNELL…It was a vintage outing nis last start, 6-shutout innings, 10-strikeouts.  The Padres need this from him to be a true deep run playoff team.  He was (21-4) once upon a time in Tampa Bay.  Have not seen much of that style in San Diego.

TOMMY PHAM…You may enjoy his fire and his dedication, but still waiting to see him earn the 15M he has been paid for last year and this year.  Still not hitting much.  Plays left field like there are land mines out there.

FERNANDO TATIS…Time to start mention MVP candidate in the conversations about him.  He is on track for a 51HR season that equates to 120RBIs.  By the way, look at the other young stud in baseball, Vlad Guerrero, a Triple Crown candidate in Toronto.

MACKENZIE GORE….Progress has been slow.  A (5.44ERA) in El Paso, control problems, and a blister issue resurfacing.  Not ready yet for the show.

PADRES GOLD STAR…How about to the doctors and trainers.  8-players in the starting lineup have been either hurt or sick this season, and we are just a third of the way into the schedule. The only regular not to get dinged is Jake Cronenworth.  And 6-pitching surgeries since spring training too.

LAKERS…Big off season of decisions about the roster, team chemistry, role players, the defense and even head coach Frank Vogel.  What an awful way to finish the season, trailing by 30-points on the road in Game 5…then down by 29-points at home in their final game.

CLIPPERS…Kawhi Leonard refuses to lose.  His 45-point effort was heroic in Game 6 in Dallas, dragging his team to a Game seven.

SDSU-USD…Going to be interesting watching this chemistry experiment to make all these new pieces fit together.  Aztecs brought in 4-transfers.  The Toreors imported 5-via the transfer portal.

GULLS-DUCKS..A fractured hockey season because of covid for the AHL-Gulls.  A lousy season, second worst record in NHL for Ducks.  But light at the end of the tunnel.  The Ducks get the 3rd pick in the lottery and a chance to add another bluechip player, who will likely wind up with the Gulls to start the season.  Did you know the Gulls are (210-131) in six years in the AHL.  Very impressive.

US OPEN…Coming to Torrey Pines this month, but without Jon Rahm.  What a story this weekend, with a 6-stroke lead at the Memorial, removed from the course in the third round with a positive covid test…90-days after he had a positive test…and had a vaccination shot.

INDY CAR…Jimmie Johnson is driving road races for Chip Ganassi racing, but will spend the rest of the year also practicing on oval tracks.  The goal, he wants to run in the Indy 500-next May.   His scorecard so far…finishes 19-22-23 in three road races.  There is a learning curve even for 7X-NASCAR champs in open wheel racing.



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