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“NFL Games–Gifts or Lumps of Coal”———-

A weird Christmas weekend, so many games on Saturday, a few on Sunday and a Monday night clinker.

Wrapping paper and ribbons all over the floor and now we try to cleanup after Christmas weekend games.

CHARGERS-COLTS…Justin Herbert is over 4,000-yards passing and the Bolts offense skill set is pretty healthy.  Indianapolis has lost 7-of-8 and will start their third different QB this season, though Nick Foles has pulled upsets in his career time and time again.

TAMPA BAY-ARIZONA…What a struggle in the twilight of his career for Tom Brady and now he is throwing interceptions weekly.  I don’t know if is an accomplishment if your team wins its division with a sub-500 record, but the Bucs might do that.  Who knows what the future holds in Arizona with the continuing reports of a war between troubled coach Kliff Kingsbury and QB-Kyler Murray.  Arizona is now on their 3rd QB of the season too.

JAGUARS-JETS…Everyone in NY dislikes QB-Zach Wilson, but can you actually blowout a 2nd year QB who saw the team fall apart around him, and then he fell apart.  Jacksonville has forged itself into playoff conversations and QB-Trevor Lawrence looks like a budding star.

BUFFALO-BEARS…Justin Fields cannot do it by himself and he has been busted up this year, and his team is a poor (3-12).  The Bills are ready for playoff games at home, snow drifts or not.

SAINTS-BROWNS…So this becomes a lost season at (6-9) with Deshaun Watson as the Cleveland QB.  Expectations have been so high in Cleveland the last couple of years, but knocked off course by all types of issues, injuries, coaching, and the Watson suspension.  New Orleans never recovered from early season injuries.

HOUSTON-TITANS…Hard to believe how well the Titans played the first half of the season and how badly hurt they are now.  Poor Derrick Henry wasting away with Team Red Cross.  Houston, just bottom of the barrell, talent wise,maybe leadership wise too.

CHIEFS-SEATTLE…Wheels coming off in the Northwest.  Yes good numbers by  comeback player of the year Geno Smith, but the Seahawks have slipped badly the last month.  They need players around the QB.  KC is a complete team.

VIKINGS-GIANTS…When NY was (6-2) no one could believe it.  Well defensive coordinators figured out the offense, have slowed down QB-Daniel Jones and RB-Saquon Barkley.  Kevin O’Connell’s team has star power on offense and wins all these close games.  Kirk Cousins still has to prove he can do it in the postseason though.

BENGALS-PATRIOTS…Pick any part of what’s happening in New England, and it’s Bill Belichick’s fault, offense-defense-play calling-assistant coaches.  QB-Mac Jones sure looks pedestrian to me.  Cincy is blazing hot under superstar Joe Burrow.

LIONS-CAROLINA…A bit of a surprise, Detroit getting run over by the Panthers, giving up over 300-yards rushing.  An off weekend,  but it still does not take away from what Dan Campbell has accomplished this year.

RAVENS-FALCONS…Left unsaid is how beat up QB-Lamar Jackson has become from all the years of running the ball.  Desmond Ridder does not make mistakes at QB two starts into his career for the Falcons.

49ERS-WASHINGTON…Brock Purdy keeps producing, not bad for the final pick in the draft.  The Commanders pulled Taylor Heinicke and inserted Carson Wentz at quarterback.  They lost, so who is the guy for the future.

COWBOYS-EAGLES…Wild for sure.  Gardner Minshew started in place of the injured Jalen Hurt and threw for yards and TDs and interceptions.  Made me think of Jeff George.  Dallas has 11-wins and getting no respect after putting 40-on the board against a really good Eagles defense.

RAIDERS-STEELERS..All that offensive firepower and coach Josh McDaniels, and Las Vegas is (6-9) and pretty much done in the playoff race.  And the rebuild is progressing in the Burgh , with his team (7-8), Mike Tomlin might still be able to get thru without having a losing season ever with the Steelers.

PACKERS-MIAMI..Alarm bells going off in South Florida.  Tua is throwing a large number of interceptions and the Dolphins have lost 4-straight, and are no longer being viewed as one of the Beasts in the East.  Aaron Rodgers shows up every Sunday but you never know what happens around him.

RAMS-BRONCOS..What a beat down by the Rams, what a 5-alarm fire in Denver, what a garbage season for an aging Russell Wilson.  No one saw this coming, this (4-11) disaster in Denver.  Baker Mayfield, auditioning for his next team shows what he can do, when surrounded by some talent.

Christmas gifts and Lumps of Coal in the NFL.

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