1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “NFL-Dartboard”

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Ever throw ‘Darts’ against the target on the wall.

I’m throwing them right now.

CHARGERS..Must win Monday night game against the Jets.  Justin Herbert should be able to throw the ball despite a strong pass rush.  The Bolts defense should add on to Zach Wilson’s 23-sack number and the turnovers he has piled up this year.  Should and will, two different things.

RAIDERS..Mark Davis, bad owner of a bad team for whom he has made alot of bad decisions on GM-coaching and playing hires.  They pounded their way to a win over a badly beaten up Giants team on Sunday, but it only counts as one game in the Antonio Pierce regime.  But alot of bad things are being said about Josh McDaniels, coaching, relationships etc.  That should also spread to Davis’ decisions

RAMS..No Matthew Stafford at quarterback, no hope to win, and now the Rams are (3-6) and the season is getting away from Sean McVay.

MIAMI…Can’t win street fights against good teams, thuys the losses to to the Chiefs-Eagles-Bills.  They are fun on offense, kicking sand on bad teams, but that does not work in the alley.

COWBOYS-EAGLES..That that harkened back to the old days of the NFC-East in the Parcells era.  Those 2-QBs really playing at high efficiency.  Pretty good throwing contest between under siege-QBs Dak Prescott-Jalen Hurts..Then again the DBs were under siege too. Probably will face each other again in the NFC playoffs…Some day with Prescott throwing for (374Y)..Cee Dee Lamb third straight double digit reception day…Eagles win-Cowboys are rolling

MINNESOTA…Who needs practice.  Josh Dobbs spends two days with his new team-Vikings, comes off the bench and rallies them to a huge win over Atlanta.  Rental players can do this, but to do it over the next 7-weeks, we will see.  Backup QBs usually revert to backup QB-status.

HOUSTON…Some rookie season, some statement game by QB-CJ Stroud (470P-5TD).  Some kind of trouble Tampa Bay is in with a once proud defense.  Todd Bowles could be in trouble as Bucs coach in this (3-5) plunge.

ARIZONA…Stoned by the Browns, they are (1-8), with no talent on the field (outgained (326-58) and the continued landslide of front office problems under owner Mike Bidwell.

PATRIOTS…Pretty pedestrian offense GM-Bill Belichick gave Coach Bill Belichick…all time worst (2-7) season in Foxborough.  Bob Kraft reaching the end of the line with the hoodie’s leadership platform?

BEARS…(2-7) not very good and playing a Division II-quarterback has caught up to Tyler Beagent, turnovers and the like.

SEATTLE..Now that was a stunner, the smoke job Lamar Jackson and the Ravens defense laid on Seattle (37-3).  Geno Smith sure does not play like the big play guy we saw last season.

GIANTS…The whole organization is circling the drain and now QB-Daniel Jones goes down with a knee injury, after recovering from a concussion and a neck injury.  Bad situation there in Meadowlands now getting worse..

BILLS-BENGALS…Expected fireworks-got fireworks.  They will face each other somewhere down the road in the playoffs again too..but the turnover bug is part of Josh Allen’s DNA.  Joe Burrow looks like Joe Burrow and that means the Bengals hi-octane offense is back

That is all for now…carry on..your turn with the Darts.


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “NFL-Dartboard””

  1. Chris says:

    While ripping Davis, remember that Gruden and Mayock had turned this team into a winner. It was the Raiders that crushed the Bolts hopes for the playoffs while Herbert was on the sideline praying for a tie. And, it was Goodell and Snyder who couldn’t stand the Raiders being successful again. Like Jeff Saturday, Pierce has one win. Time will tell how this plays out.

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