1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday. “NFL-Fight for LA-Scoreboard Does Not Lie”

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“NFL-Who Owns LA-Now We Know”


The battlefield that is Los Angeles.

We know which NFL team has the history in Los Angeles, dating back to Bob Waterfield and Norm Van Brocklin.

We know which NFL jerseys sell the most in the LA market between the teams, running back Todd Gurley.

We know who the richest owner is, Stan Kroenke.

We know which team sells more tickets for its home games.

We know the response each team received on its return to Los Angeles in January of 2017.

We know who owns and who is building the new stadium in Inglewood.

We know all those things because we have seen all the intangibles

Now we know who dominated on the field in the so-called LA Bowl.

The Rams ran roughshod over the Chargers on Sunday in the LA Coliseum, the stadium adorned with the signage “Rams House”.

Jared Goff, the young gun, hit 13-passes in a row to start the game. The old gun, Philip Rivers hardly got on the field in the opening half, and when he did, his defense had put the Chargers into a huge hole.

You name the formation yesterday, and the Rams probably ran it. 4-wide, spread, jet sweeps, empty backfields. And the Chargers couldn’t defend any of it.

The big ‘chunk’ plays the Chargers are so known for, was something to behold. it was the Rams hitting those plays…22-plays of 10-yards or more in the game.

If it was not Todd Gurley, bouncing, spinning, sprinting to a 100-yard day, it was Robert Woods running DBs ragged with crossing patterns and sweeps and reverses. Star WR-Brandin Cooks was more an observer than anything else in the win.

At one point the Rams had a (190-60) yardage advantage. At one point they had run off 34-plays, to 9-from the Bolts. They finished with a (72-52) play-call advantage.

In typical Chargers fashion, two more monumental screw ups on special teams, a blocked punt for a Rams TD, and a botched chip shot-point after kick.

Rivers tried hard to play catchup, but there were not many big plays from Keenan Allen nor Melvin Gordon. There were dropped passes along the way md 2-fumbles courtesy of Allen and Austin Ekeler. .

The Rams weren’t perfect, throwng a bad pick in the end zone, fumbling at the 24-yard line going in for another score, and having 4-major penalties negate some 70-yards in big plays. They could have had 50-points and 600-yards in the game.

The Bolts blitzed 11-times, got 1-pressure, and 1-hit on Goff. Rivers took a sack, 5-hits, and was chased out of the pocket 7-times, and that was from just a 4-man Rams rush.

So we learned a lot on Sunday, all the past history of how the Rams are beloved, and the Chargers not.

And now we know for sure, the Rams are surely the better team on the field too.

Scoreboard read (35-23) and it wasn’t that close either.

The “Fight for LA” now seems officially over. Wonder how that feels in Chargersville today.

As the signs said “Rams House”.

The billboard and the headlines should read “Rams Town”


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