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“NFL Finale-Fabulous”


Labor Day weekend seems like a lifetime ago.

Remember all the excitement for the 1st week of NFL matchups.

Patrick Mahomes-vs-Kyler Murray-Arizoand vs Kansas City
Buffalo-Rams, when LA was the Rams were the defending Super Bowl team
The Chargers-Raiders bad blood renewal of that rivalry
Tom Brady-Dak Prescott-Bucs-vs-Cowboys
The Packers-Vikings historical bad blood game
Miami-New England-Tua vs Belichick

That was some first weekend.  How about the final weekend we’ve just come thru.

BILLS-PATRIOTS…FIrst Thing First-the Hollywood script game of the Bills-vs-Patriots.  Think:
..72,000 Bills fans bringing signs to salute injured safety Damar Hamlin
..The Bills flying in the 30-EMT officials from Cincinnati sho save Hamlin
..The 50-yard salute of Bills players to the EMT gang
..The Bills wearing #3 on their jerseys…and their #3 caps
..Ny Himes taking the opening kickoff back 96-yards for a TD
..CBS cutting to the hospital where they had a camera in Hamlin’s room-cheering
..Himes with a 101Y-kickoff return in the 2nd half

From Desolation last Monday night to Elation on Sunday.  It was like a Hollywood script.


JAGUARS…What a finish to the season for Doug Pederson’s team.  A very dominant defense led by all those #1 picks, with a second half surge to the season to win the AFC South.  Amazing considering what the Jaguars had become-losers.

PITTSBURGH…Pasted Cleveland as Mike Tomlin’s team stormed home (9-8) considering how awful they were to start the season.

CINCINNATI…Slugged Baltimore again to punch homefield advantage.  Joe Burrow looks like he is playing in a different galaxy for the Bengals.

DETROIT…Completing a major rebuild job by Dan Campbell, fixing an awful franchise and then winning in Green Bay to take out the Packers in the final hour of the season.

SEATTLE…heading to the playoffs with 9-wins, with Pete Carroll repairing Geno Smith’s reputation as a quarterback.  And they belted the Rams to boot in the final game.

49ers….QB-Brock Purdy continues to win, to throw TD passes, and to guide the Niners to Sunday after Sunday wins.  Think about this, they lose the 1st and 2nd string QBs and come home (13-4)

CHIEFS..Patrick Mahomes gives KC the number one seed, and finished with the all time single season passing record, finishing with (5,250Y), breaking Drew Brees record.

EAGLES…Jalen Hurts comes back from a shoulder injury to guide Philadelphia to the best record in the NFC, and that bye will be huge.

CHARGERS…A really poor defensive outing, a couple of injuries, and a lousy loss to a lousy Broncos team, that piled up (472Y) in offense.

DALLAS…Dak Prescott throws more picks and the Cowboys don’t look like their dominant selves and they lost to backup QBs that Washington put on the field.

MINNESOTA…Solidified their playoff berth but there are doubts how far this 12-win team can go with a porous defense.

MIAMI…They have stopped the bleeding, the losing streak, but no one knows if they can get oft-injured QB-Tua Tagovailoa back on the field.

RAVENS…They have to go back to Cincinnati again next weekend in a wildcard game.  Lamar Jackson has been out for 4-weeks and they look like half a team without him.

Bring on wildcard weekend.  Don’t know if it can surpass the opening weekend or the final weekend that NFL has given us.

No wonder of the top 100-TV shows this past year on TV, 88-of them were NFL games.




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