1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “NFL-Opening Weekend-How Did You Feel This Weekend”

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“NFL-Opening Weekend-How Did You Feel”


It was a strange sensation, to sit there and watch the opening weekend of the NFL, and have no emotion, almost no interest and lots of resentment.

I did NFL play-by-play for 17-years as the Voice of the Chargers and Seahawks, and then with NFL Compass Media network.

I am a self confessed football junkie. I always watch the games, follow the storylines.

But Sunday was not a lot of fun. I took notes, jumped around to lots of games on Diect TV, and found msyself getting angrier as the afternoon wore on.

Yes, I was fascinated to see what Wade Phillips new 3-4 defense would look like with the Rams, and they did not disappoint in smashing a putrid Colts team.

I wanted to see how the Browns rookie QB-DeShone Kizer would do in his debut. It was awful couple of series, but he got better as the day went on, even in losing to the Steelers.

The Jets were what I expected to see. When you get just 85-yards offense in a half, you cannot win in this league, and they didn’t in Buffalo.

I was shocked at how bad it was for the Houston Texans, giving up 10-sacks to Jacksonville, but I figured Tom Coughlin and Doug Marrone would have that team cranked up in their debut.

Cam Newton was limited coming off shoulder surgery, but then that’s all he needed because San Francisco has a long road to travel to get competitive.

The Bengals didn’t have a good off season in terms of player deals, and they looked awful in getting shutout at home in the opener.

It was fun to watch Aaron Rogers duel Russell Wilson…Pete Carroll match wits with Mike McCarthy in that low scoring chess match between the Packers and the Seahawks.

And then there was Dallas, all the issues off the field, and that matchup with Eli and the Giants.

But I got to the finish line with a knot in my stomach. I didn’t enjoy opening day as I have in the past, as a broadcaster, talkshow host, TV anchor and now as a fan.

I find myself being in resent mode over the Chargers, Dean Spanos, the move to LA, and the history of how badly the organization treated the city, its fans, and even its star players at the end of the career.

It cannot be ‘just business’ the move of the franchise. This was a public trust that was ripped out of its moorings. It was nothing more than blatant greed by an owner who has never shown an ounce of loyalty, except to his family..

I know I will watch the Monday Night opener. I will root for Philip Rivers and the players I like, respect and interview.

But I don’t think I could ever forget nor forgive what the owner stands for.

As I watched TV coverage of the horrors of the Hurricane hitting the Florida Keys, my angry heart wished hurricane type damage could befall the franchise owned by the Spanos family

And I will bet you, three years fro today, the Spanos family has put the franchise up for sale, to let someone else take on the Fight for LA. Because I have always believed this was the end game of the Spanos family.

You may love football, but I don’t know how you can love what was done to us in San Diego.


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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “NFL-Opening Weekend-How Did You Feel This Weekend””

  1. cliff callahan says:

    I am lifelong Charger fan (San Diego native) residing in upstate N.Y. and this column described perfectly what I felt today as barely paid attention to the NFL…a day that in the past was like Christmas or a birthday. Hacksaw’s columns have long been a source of seeking solace, but this one was the best ever. Thanks for expressing so articulately what many are experiencing. I have no idea what I will do Monday night. BTW, I was in S.D. in June and passed by the”Q.” It seemed abandoned and lonely. A shell of itself from some great days over the last several decades. Really sad.

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