1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday. “NFL Playoffs–Matchups-Mismatches-Big Plays-Big Mistakes”

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“NFL Playoffs–Matchups-Mismatches”


1-game lived up to its billing, the other was a disappointment.

1-we expected to get there, the other didn’t.

Now we look towards the Super Bowl and the quarterback matchup, the old guard-vs-new breed.


Sunday was a day to step away from everything else in life and just watch the NFL.  The matchups provided excited..the mismatches were everywhere.


Huge setback for Aaron Rodgers losing this game..this showdown with Tom Brady.  It was more on the Packers coaching than it was their quarterback.  Coach Matt LaFleur kicking a field goal on a 4th down at the 8-yard line, never getting the ball back with 3-minutes to go.  But up till then, this was wild, vintage football between two very good teams.

The matchups of WRs-vs-CBs.  QBs dealing with a fierce pass rush.  RBs’ hitting holes and gashing defenses.  Long drives, big catches, big runs.  Sacks and pressures and dropped passes.  Both teams in attack mode.

Brady-Rodgers put on a show.  The secondaries suffered badly in the game.

The Bucs bracketed star receiver Davantae Adams almost out of the game.

The Packers picked off 3-Brady passes and almost came all the way back to win.

But in this game, the wrong calls killed Green Bay.  How the Packers would not provide safety help deep at the end of the first half and allow a 39Y-TD pass with (:01) left was a killer.   So was the 4th down call not to try and score a TD with 3-minutes left in the game.

Tampa Bay earned this trip to the Super Bowl, winning 3-road games in the playoffs.  Green Bay goes home disappointed after a likely MVP season from its quarterback.

It was as good as it could have been scripted.  Too bad someone had to lose, and it was the Packers in Lambeau Field


There was just too much of everything for the Bills to handle and so the Chiefs are going back to the Super Bowl.

Too much pass rush on Josh Allen, the Bills brilliant young QB.  Too much Travis Kelce-Tyreek Hill, a combined 22-receptions for KC.

Too much Patrick Mahomes, spraying the football all over the field.

Too much KC defense, keeping Buffalo out of the end zone, ending drives at the 4…the 9…and an interception at the 12.

Too many cheapshot penalties late in the game as emotions ran raw, when the Chiefs knew they were going to the Big Show and the Bills were going home.

It was pretty lopsided pretty much of the night at Arrowhead Stadium, but KC just showed how dynamic-diverse they really are.

So we head to the Super Bowl with Brady and Mahomes squaring off.  Firepower and firebrands on the roster.  It will be a fun game for sure.

Brady trying for his 7th ring.  Mahomes looking to his 2nd.  Andy Reid cementing his legacy as a coach.

In a season spent avoiding Covid outbreaks, the NFL has gotten us to the Big Game.  In a year of our life devastated by the virus, we had 6-hours of football to try and give us some normalcy.

The NFL gave us an interesting Sunday.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming, our lives in crisis.


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