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“NFL–QB Derby”


Monday-the first day of NFL free agency.

The move to get quarterbacks begins now for what few QBs are left on the market.

There are 8-teams desperate for QBs but not everyone has salary cap space.

There are 3-top line QBs in the draft that could go 1-2-3 and 3-more that could be mid to bottom first round picks, but that’s for April, not the first day of free agency.

A primer on the latest QB news as free agency starts.

RUSSELL WILSON..Released by Denver, he becomes a 2-year rental for some team.  He visited the battered Giants on Friday, then met with the Steelers on Saturday.  This is not the vintage Seattle Seahawks-Russell Wilson but more of an aging on his last legs-Russell Wilson.  Somebody will get value this year, because they have to pay only (1.5M) of his deal with the Broncos picking up 39M on the buyout.  But Wilson might want 30M for a second year option.  This might take some time.  Can’t see the Giants doing a deal, they have so much tied up in QB-Daniel Jones.  You’d think Wilson might be a bridge QB, but Pittsburgh has two of those QBs in house already in Ken Pickett-Mason Rudolph.

KIRK COUSINS…Has thrown for tons of yards and TDs, but has just 79-career wins.  He won in Washington early in his career, but left and has made tons of money since.  He wants another pay day and the Vikings cannot afford him right now.  Washington has loads of cap space and a relationship there, and Atlanta has a critical need.

JUSTIN FIELDS…The Bears are taking offers, but don’t like what they’ve heard.  No one is trading a #1 for him, and no one has offered a #2.  He has 1-year left on his Chicago contract, but as impressive as some of his games are, the TD and yardage totals are offset by interceptions, fumbles and sacks.  More turnovers than TDs and 135-sacks in 3-seasons.  Will be moved, but where.

BAKER MAYFIELD..He parlayed a 28TD-comeback season with Tampa into a (3Y-100M) extension on Sunday to stay in Tampa.  Reinvented himself and carries charisma into the huddle.

RYAN TANNEHILL…Career of accomplishments but also years of setbacks and not what he once was.  Exits the Tennessee Titans and goes somewhere as a pretty experienced short term rental.  If healthy can probably still produce, but his pay day seasons are likely over.

MAC JONES..He’s gone from New England, the former lst round pick gets traded to Jacksonville to be a backup, with the Pats getting just a 6th.  Buch of TDs-lots of interceptions.  Don’t think he will play much.

JAMEIS WINSTON wants to start, but hasn’t recently and now he won’t stay in Tampa.  Started for the Bucs before Mayfield, for the Saints before that.  Glaring but haunting stats with him, a 30TD season that had 33-picks also.  Truly a bridge QB for a one year rental.

CARSON WENTZ..Things have changed fast and career seems to be on a skid.  Guess best you can say, everyone needs a backup QB.

JACOBY BRISSETT…Have arm and will travel and will likely move again.  Can play but far from a star.

TYROD TAYLOR…Lifetime backup journeyman, good off the bench but gets hurt and defensive coaches figure him out.  Super utility guy.

DREW LOCK..Maybe the most interesting athletic QB of the bunch of names.  Force fed then failed in Denver.  Played backup in Seattle and had spurts where he looked good.  So much we don’t know yet about him, but bet he gets signed and could start for someone in the fall.

GARDNER MINSHEW..Likely leaving Indianapolis.  Gunslinger, does lead, does compete, can throw TDs but does throw picks too.  Just a guy…a good guy…but a guy.

JIM GAROPPOLO…Career off track, done in by injuries.  Not now what he was once hoped to be with the Patriots, then the 49ers.  If there is a candidate for a bounceback season it would be him, but has not been able to stay on the field.  Looking for a chance.

SAM DARNOLD..1st round pick, just not the complete package.  The Jets let him go, one of multiples of lst round failures they have endured, now SF has yet to offer to bring him back.  Has lots of physical tools but not what we thought he might be.

MARCUS MARIOTA..Given chances to be the guy but eventually comes off the field because he’s hurt or just does not produce

MITCH TRUBISKY..Found wanting in Buffalo, then in Pittsburgh, just re-signed with the Bills.

EASTON STICK..Chargers backup played well off bench, though he did not drive Bolts to many TDs when he started, but did not turn it over.  Think he could stay in LA or move somewhere else to be an insurance policy backup.

JOE FLACCO…Nice finish to the Browns season but got 200,000 miles on him.l

ANDY DALTON..Trustworthy but all the years in Cincinnati took a toll

Not much to choose from is there?  Not many difference makers either.

Not everyone gets a crack at this year’s college blue chip crop, from Caleb Williams to Drake Maye to Jayden Daniels.  The jury is still really out on how complete JJ McCarthy-Bo Nix-Michael Penix might be.  So you be the GM of Team XYZ.  You renting a vet or hoping you can hit on a 1st round draft pick if someone falls to you.

The bidding begins now in the NFL, where you have to have a QB-regardless of the price.



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