1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday. “NFL–Union…Showdown Meeting”

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“NFL–About to Feel Pain”


I don’t know how they bridge all these gaps, but they will in day long negotiating sessions on Monday.

They… being the NFL and the Players Association.

Rookie orientation camps are scheduled to open on July 21st.  Preseason camps are to open on July 28th.

Five days away from the so called start of camps, and there are a myriad of problems everywhere.  Here’s a look:

TESTING…The NFL wants in-take testing for all players once camp starts and testing every third day.  The Union wants testing everyday to keep players safe.  The cost will be monumental.  And it would likely mean an overload for testing labs, to have to evaluate (2,650) player tests daily.

ROSTER SIZE…It was supposed to be 90-players in camp. There was talk at cutting it just to 75.  The Union wants to stay at 90 to give all players a chance at making a roster

PRESEASON GAMES…The NFL had planned for four…then dropped it back to two games.  The Union wants none asking the questions ‘if there is a health risk at 4-games-the health risks are the same at two’.

WORKOUTS…The NFL wanted a couple of weeks of camp then start playing preseason games.  The Union denounced that, saying they want a 48-day camp.  3-weeks of conditioning, two weeks of walkthrus and classrooms…and 2-weeks of pad-helmet practices and classrooms…Owners banned joint practices.  Now the Union wants to ban any 11-on-11 type scrimmages in workouts…The Union wants all team group meetings in an outdoor setting including 1-on-1 coach-players meetings….plus all classroom work done in virtual setting.

PAY SCALE…The CBA says if a player plays in one game his entire season salary is guaranteed.  The Union wants all contracts guaranteed, with no give backs.  The owners, facing the reality of no fans or limited fans in the stands, have asked the Union to defer 35% payment of salaries to help with cash flow to be repaid over five years in an escrow plan.  The players said no, especially since owners are getting their full Network TV contract payments.

EQUIPMENT…The NFL is working to develop. a full face shield that contains a mask for players…The union wants that to be an individuals choice.

TEAMS…There is reality now that teams, if they open stadiums to fans, will be playing at less than capacity.  The Rams are talking at 50-percent capacity.  The Ravens just 14,000 fans in 71,000 seat stadium.  The Packers and Chiefs informing season ticket holders at half capacity.  The Jaguars announcing 25-percent capacity.  More to follow, which means a huge drop in stadium revenues for each team.

There is alot to get done in a short period of time.  Keep in mind, the NFL developed not just a 16-game season, but a full season that could start in October, play thru January, then hold playoff games at neutral warm weather or domed sites.

Stay tuned.  Likely to get harder to pull off as we get closer to start of camps, then games.


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