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“NFL-vs-Minority Coaches–Hiring Scorecard”


Your name is Eric Bienemy of the Kansas City Chiefs.  You interviewed for 7-head coaching jobs this year, 3-last year, but did not get hired.

Your name is Todd Bowles of Tampa Bay.  You failed as head coach of the Jets, and have not been interviewed for a head coaching job since, though you built another Super Bowl defense with the Bucs.

The outrage at the NFL minority practices continues.  The Rooney Rule has been upgraded and now teams are mandated to interview minorities for every key position in the organization, from President of a team, to head coaches, coordinators, and QB coaches.

The NFL just released a summary of what has happened in the league in December-January-February.

Set aside the noise about the ‘Old Boys Club’ hiring white coaches.  Dismiss the idea of token interviews, and look at the stats just released:


(NFL Hirings)

The number of minority hires for open positions in the NFL nearly doubled to 34.6% in 2021.
According to the league’s demographics study obtained Friday by The Associated Press, the minority hirings included: three general managers, two head coaches, three offensive coordinators, six defensive coordinators, four special-teams coordinators, three quarterbacks coaches.

The minority hiring rate was 18.8% in 2020. Interview requests for minority candidates increased to 47% from 22% in 2020.

Twelve of the 28 candidates interviewed for head-coaching positions were minorities. David Culley (Texans) and Robert Saleh (Jets) were hired. Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy was passed over despite receiving an interview request from each of the seven teams looking for a new head coach.

The data shows minority head coaches have been given second opportunities at a higher rate than white coaches. From 2000 to present, eight of 21 fired minority coaches (38.1%) got another head-coaching job. Of the 115 fired white coaches, 22 (19.1%) got a second chance.




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