1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “NFL-Weekend 1-My Observations”

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“NFL Weekend-Big Games..Upsets too”


Here-There-Everywhere around the NFL

CHARGERS….Statement game from all the newcomers added to the roster. Khalil Mack went off for 3-sacks and showed he is the sledgehammer pass rusher to compliment the lighting fast Joey Bost.

Justin Herbert-they pressured him all day, chased him from the pocket 10-times, he stepped aside and made big plays all day..279-yards worth of completions and 3TD passes.

DeAndre Carter became more than a kick returner but a trusted pass catcher after the Keenan Allen injury, taking in key passes of 11-11-23.

Gerald Everett-the ex Rams introduced himself with catches of 11-18-30 yards in the win.

Which of the 3-picks impressed you the most, Asante Samuel in the end zone, the whirling derby pick of Dru Tranquill and Bryce Callahan’s pick off a deflection.

Josh Kelly came off the bench and had some nice physical runs

A very fast and physical defense had 5-sacks to go with the 3-picks

The Bolts offense had 12-plays of plus 10-yards, the Raiders had 14-chunk plays but much of that trying to play catchup.

It’s a big win, now virtually no time to rest, heading to Kansas City for the Thursday game.

RAIDERS..The offense came together late in the game in the face of all that adversity on Sunday, but they just do not have enough defense. May not be a playoff season in Las Vegas.

COWBOYS..So many injuries, so many key guys not playing, and they looked poor in the beating at the hands of Tampa Bay. Dak Prescott cannot do it with little protection and all his receivers injured…and was (11-for-25) at one point in the 4th quarter

PACKERS..Explain that opening day loss. Aaron Rodgers did not crack 200-yards passing and the team just did not look right.

VIKINGS..It was a stunning win for new coach Kevin O’Connell and a superb outing by his stud WR-Justin Jackson.

STEELERS…Won the game but lost the heart of the defense with the possible torn pec to LB-TJ Watts. Not much to see with a new look offense either. Defense save their lives with 5-takeaways in Cincinnati

BENGALS…Played an awful turnover marred first half, but Joe Burrow came storming back and deserved to win, but two missed kicks sealed their overtime fate…Offensive line was awful in the opening half.

SAN FRANCISCO…a very pedestrian game by new starter Trey Lance.

CHICAGO..an even less productive start by QB-Justin Fields but they won in the rain.

MIAMI..Tua to Tyreek looks pretty impressive in the Dolphins win.

PATRIOTS..Not much offense and now QB-Mac Jones has a back injury, so things don’t look promising in New England

RAVENS…Quite an explosive show by QB-Lamar Jackson with 3TDs and they showed big play down the field capabilities

WASHINGTON…Carson Wentz threw 4TDs and 2-picks, a bad first half, nut he rallied. Just think he is wildly inconsistent.

CLEVELAND…Struggled all day to beat a down trodden Carolina team-but Nick Chubb-Kareem Hunt carried the mail, over 200-yards rushing-receiving in win.

CAROLINA…Baker Mayfield completes but doesn’t have tons of firepower around him-so the Panthers lost.

COLTS..A weird tie with Houston, but the Colts showed how explosive they can be with Matt Ryan-Michael Pittman-Jon Taylor trinity on offense.

GIANTS..Some comeback game for Saquon Barkley in upset win over the Titans

TITANS..How do you lose to NY when you have Ryan Tannehill-Derek Henry?

CHIEFS…Patrick Mahomes lights up the Arizona sky in a blistering show of offensive skills.

ARIZONA..Do not look like a complete team at all, of course the suspension of DeAndre Hopkins hurts.

EAGLES…Some day from Jalen Hurts a 333-yard all purpose day in win

LIONS…Some comeback by Dan Campbell’s bunch….RB-DeAndre Swift really ran tough

TAMPA BAY…Todd Bowles new look Bucs look street tough…ran the ball, beat up the Cowboys-it was impressive


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “NFL-Weekend 1-My Observations””

  1. Chris says:

    Back when Boss Ross was running the Bolts, they started out one season at 0-4. The bandwagon was empty and all hope was lost. They managed to crush Steeler fan on their way to choking in the Super Bowl, but the simple fact as Dennis Allen so eloquently stated, no team has won the the Super Bowl in preseason or on opening day.

    Looking around the league, it is clear starters need to play in preseason games. Why should fans pay for teams that are woefully unprepared for the first team to play four quarters? Seeing players miss assignments, sucking oxygen, cramping, and missing tackles was pathetic for “professionals.” Based on the video, Raider fan hits harder at the concession stand than some of the linebackers already. So, the Charger win was good, but it showed that the Raiders were able to shut down the Bolts in the second half. If Briscillio can make up his mind with Parham and others, this line will be serviceable. There are 16 games left to see who makes it. And, remember that Bosa and Mack have been attracted to IR like ants to sugar.

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