1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “NFL–WHAT A WILDCARD WEEKEND”

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It was a superb football season, so many big games.

Wildcard weekend was even better that that, and we still have more showdown games to come.

What I saw, what I think.

RAMS-LIONS…It was a gunslingers showdown, Jared Goff-vs-Matthew Stafford.  It was what I expected, since those QBs are surrounded by such firepower players…It was a shame somebody had to lose.  The Stafford-Puka Nacua tandem were dazzling.  So were Jared Goff-Amir St Brown.  The defenses kept those quarterbacks under seige all night long.  Stafford took hits to his hand, a blow to his head but kept coming back.  The support guys at WR-TE were superb too.  What a coaching job by Sean McVay to get his team to this level.  What a 3-year run authored by Dan Campbell, fixing decades of terrible football.  And Detroit gets to do it all over again next weekend.

HOUSTON-CLEVELAND….I had said all week long, if there was an upset in the making, it was likely to be in Houston, and it was.  The Texans have 11-wins this year.  Think about that, how woeful they were the last couple of years. A rookie QB-CJ Stroud, putting up a 4,000-yard season, throwing TDs, not throwing picks.  And the defense has equally been explosive, sacks, takeaways and forcing their will on opposing QBs.  Joe Flacco struggled with the pressure and the injury toll seems to have final capsized the Browns season.  What DeMeco Ryans has done is spectacular, considering where the Texas were a year ago this week.

PACKERS-DALLAS..What a breakthru for the young QB-Jordan Love.  What a disappointment for Dak Prescott.  What an accomplishment for Matt LaFleur with a wide receiver group loaded with young skill players.  What a crushing loss for Jerry Jones, Mike McCarthy and everyone else for a Cowboys roster many thought could be a Super Bowl team.  The Packers offense was relentless, and the Green Bay defense, which was leaky all year, was dominant.  You win in Dallas, that is impressive.  Whether that can happen next week in San  Francisco becomes a question.  Of course going into Dallas was a question of survivability for the Pack, and look at what happened.

CHIEFS-MIAMI…The weather was brutal.  The Chiefs handled it, Miami could not.  Patrick Mahomes threw short, completed a ton of passes to Rashee Rice and Travis Kelce and the KC defense handled the rest of it.  A very hard night for Tua Tagovailoa and the Sunshine offense, that had to play in (-27) windchill weather.  No deep passing game, Tyreek Hill nearly disappeared because he could  not get open and Tua could not find accuaracy throwing into the wind.  Are the Chiefs a complete offensive team?  Well they were this weekend, but there are still questions.  Is Miami overrated?  Sure looks that way, considering Miami is (1-6) against good teams this year, and people figured out that offense over the final 4-weeks of the season.

EAGLES-TAMPA..You know Philly fans, the ones who booed Santa Claus, back in the day?  Think of what it might be like if the Eagles lose to the Bucs on Monday night, and go home, after starting the season (10-1).  Jalen Hurts in hurting.  There is no AJ Brown.  The tight ends have been nicked up,and Philly’s defense gives up (51TDs) this year.

BILLS-STEELERS…Whiteouts were the key words all weekend with the blizzards in Buffalo.  Blowout might be the world in the Monday game.  Just not sure the Steelers have any type of firepower that would equal Josh Allen and his friends.  And the Steeleres won’ have TJ Watt, out with the knee sprain, knowing Pittsburgh is (1-10) over his career, when he does not play.

I expected fireworks, that’s what we got, including a big upset.  Bring on the Monday games and then the AFC-NFC divisional matchups next week


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