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While I was gone…earth shattering stories making news.
Of course I have opinions on what I was following.

OJ SIMPSON…Maybe the greatest running back of all time.  Maybe the greatest tragedy of all time.  A wasted life.  A troubled person.  Two deaths.  An unjust trial verdict.  The worst of the judicial system.  His life becoming a useless series of episodes, post NFL-TV career.  Lost man, lost soul.  Arrested and in prison for 9-years for armed robbery.  Had everything, lost everything.  You never forget the racial implications by the Trial of the Century.  The Dream Team of lawyers the Juice employed.  The Bronco parade of police cars.  The dirty cop Mark Furhman.  The most harrowing piece of information I remember was the fact his wife Nicole Brown had called police on 63-different times over the years for domestic abuse.  63-times and the famous running back was still running the streets.  And then she was brutally stabbed to death.  I am aghast with the bloody gloves, the shreds of evidence at both sites…all  the DNA, and he got off.  Wonder what the trial atmosphere would be like if that case, the Bronco escapade, and the decision were to be reviewed in social media on a day to day basis.  OJ ran away from lots of people in the NFL.  He ran away from the court case.  Ran away from paying all the damages to the family of those who died..  We know one thing for sure, he won’t run away from whatever ‘hell is like’ wherever he is in his next life.

SHOHEI OHTANI…I kept saying ‘no rush to judgement’.  Now federal officials have completed a month long probe of Ippe Mizuhara, his private aide, for the bank fraud
case that involves 16M.taken from Ohtani accounts.  The name cleared.  The guilty party is facing 30-years in prison a 1M-fine.  Ohtani will never see his money again, his trust and good name forever stained by a compulsive liar-gambling addict.  It is amazing how many people on social media jumped on Ohtani. Was he paying off the gambler?  Was his aide placing bets for him?  How could he give his banking codes to this man?  Now we find Mizuhara changed the coding of accounts; created new accounts where only he saw money moved; stole the slugger’s identity-using personal information of the slugger to explain the deals to bankers; barred Ohtani’s agent access to any information; limited data transferred to Ohtani’s bookkeepers.  The gambling addiction numbers are staggering.  19.000-bets in 3-years; 40M in losses; an average of 25-bets a day.  Ohtani’s name cleared.  His heart has to be forever hurt.

TIGER WOODS…I wish I wasn’t watching this.  The greatness is gone.  Reputation ruined-now trying to rebuild his golfing image.  He gave us so many thrills.  The Grand Slam events..the phenomenal seasons..the dominance against so many other great talents of his time.  Of course his personal life forever stained him.  The mistresses, the broken marriage, the alcohoI-drug related issues, the bad auto accident..the lies-the coverups.  His last decade has been more about surgeries and rehabs and hopes and wishes.  When last scene on Sunday at the Masters, Wood was in last place at Augusta.  Saturday was brutal, 8-bogeys and 2-double bogeys and a 10-over par-82., the worst of all time for the man who wore red and won on Sundays.  Then a final round included more bogeys and a triple bogey.  Yes he drives ratings on TV.  Yes he can have an odd competitive round.  But it’s like he now wants to celebrate playing par as an accomplishment.  I wish he would pick and choose and go to the Champions Tour and join so many others in the sunset.  The courses may be easier.  The competition won’t be as tough.  The physical demands will be diminished.  Tee to green won’t be as demanding.  He can still play the majors.  Maybe he will win some on that tour.  But I  hate to see this turn into a Pity Party, and that’s what his appearances at PGA big events turning into.

That’s what I saw, what I think.  Agree or Disagree.  Let me know.


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