1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Padres Baseball–Hey Houston-How Are You?”

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“Padres Baseball—A Rewarding Week”


We enjoyed it, even if we could not be there.

The Padres winning streak is now at 7-in a row…longest run since 2013.

They are doing it with home run balls, grand slam shots, and gritty pitching.

The record is now (18-12) at the midseason point of a year I said they would go (35-25).

The hammer job on the Houston Astros was extra rewarding.

No fans there to boo then all weekend long, I would have liked that.

Wish somebody would have snuck around Petco Park…and as the Astros came to bat…banged some garbage cans.

No one played any Astro music on the PA system..you know…’Your Cheating Heart”

Grand Slam home runs.

9-run innings

At one point it was (13-2) and I was hoping it might be (20-2) at the end.  The whole world would become Friar fans.

I’d feel sorry for the Astros because they are so injured.  A shell of a team that won (cheated) their way to the World Series a couple of years ago.

Bad start to season, now getting smashed in San Diego, a tough road trip.

I grant you, when you lose 9-pitchers to the DL, including ace Justin Verlander (forearm) and relief ace Robert Osuna (elbow surgery) you are in trouble.  Big trouble.  On top of that relievers Chris Devenski..Brad Peacock..Austin Pruit…Jose Urquidy…Kent Emanuel…Joe Smith and Josh Smith  are all on the injured list.

They also lost their cornerstone infielders, Alex Bregman, just on the DL with a hamstring, power hitting first baseman Jordan Alvarez-gone for the year with knee surgery, and Michael Brantley-shoulder.

George Springer-Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa cannot do it by themselves.  Zach Greinke cannot pitch everyday.

So bad in Houston right now. Bad baseball now.  A hurricane about to make landfall.  They had to evacuate and shutdown their Corpus Christie spring training complex because of positive virus tests.

Feel sorry for the Astros?

No.  Neither does the twitter world.

All you had to do was look on-line to see the references.

To steal a line from Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly about Houston…’take that bitch’

Another tweeter let them have it calling them Houston ‘Assholes’.

A third said ‘Asterisks’

I kept waiting to look in the standings for Houston* to update their record.

Great Padres weekend.  El Nino and LaSalsa, Fernando Tatis bat and glove…and Manny Machado’s home runs did Houston in.

Only thing missing, some fan in the stands, in the Park in the Park, or some employee hiding up the stands, banging a garbage can.

The Astros*.  Bundled in a can, on the street corner now, waiting for the sanitation department to pick up their team.


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