1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday. “Padres-Dodgers–How’d You Like That”

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“Padres-Dodgers–What We Saw-What It Means”


So we have had 7-games play out in the new look Dodgers-Padres rivalry.  And it seems to be a rivalry now.

It was electric.  It was pretty intense.  It was gritty.  It is what playoff baseball is supposed to be.

And this is just April

The Dodgers-Padres won’t play again till a series on June 22nd..another August 24th…and what could be a critical series on September 28th.

Who knows what these teams will be like the rest of the summer.

Injuries to key players will be critical.  Keeping pitching staffs healthy will be a difference maker.  Who knows what the trading deadline will be like.

But each of the 7-games played so far have had remarkable events for sure:

Some Sunday rally, down (7-1). storming back and to send another note that the past is history and this is a rivalry now.

Fernando Tatis back to back 2-home run games were messages delivered to Dodgers fans.  He added a 5th homer in the series on Sunday.  Prancing and celebrating running around the bases means he’s likely to get plunked.  He has 9-errors this early in the season and looks tenantive and has lost a step in getting to balls, maybe protecting his shoulder.  And now Dodgers fans have a new Public Enemy #1…El Nino replaces Manny Machado…they both got booed.

They can pick it in the field.  So which defensive play stands out to you?  Mookie Betts game saving head first dive in rightfield saving a game.  Tommy Pham shoestring catch in left.  Jake Cronenworth’s knockdown of sizzling hit that resulted in a game saving double play.  Manny Machado snaring of a scorching line drive.  Defense everywhere making a difference.

Fierce starting pitching, stares-glares from Clayton Kershaw and Trevor Bauer, the dynamics of Yu Darvish, the heat and gas from relievers.

But both bullpens look worn out.  These near 4-hour games wear the fans out regardless of how intense they are.  So much for pace of play.  And Dave Roberts had to stay with journeyman Jimmy Nelson in the 9th inning, while getting strafed, because he had no one left to call on, much like the series two weeks ago when the Padres used 10-pitchers in a game and had to finish with Jake Cronenworth on the mound.

The men in blue were awful, in fact umpiring, especially balls and strikes calls have been atrocious.  The moving strike zone, bad calls in the batters box, and the fact Umpire reviews have happened so much on bang bang plays, means an awful start to the season for the men in blue.

I see your hit by pitch, and I raise you a retaliation  pitch.  Actually it appeared there was little intention but lots of wildness on the mound, which led to alot of conversation from hit batters and a couple of bench clearing incidents.  A little playoff hate, in early April.

Any volunteers to pitch out of the bullpen for these two teams?  Fatigue factor pretty significant for both pitching staffs and we are just 23-games into a 162-game season.  They both have time to solve the issues-they better.

Errors lots of places, especially by guys named Seager-Hosmer-Tatis-Machado. You usually don’t expect that but we saw that.

Fans in the stands, Dodgers fans wore masks for the most part in LA, not so in San Diego.  Don’t understand that.

Dodger fan running down the aisle, ripping his Kershaw jersey off, and throwing it on the field after Kershaw gave up a couple of homers.

Dodgers fan in right field catching home run balls, turned around and threw a Padre blast back onto the field.

The Dodgers still seem capable of reaching my (100-62) prediction.   The Padres, with so many pitchers ailing, might not get to my (93-69) finish.

Alot of baseball to play, but I think you’d agree these 7-games of passion play baseball were fun to watch.  Remarkable what we saw.

Intense.  Electric.  Edge of your seat action.  Lots of storylines.  It wore you out.  Would love to see this rematch come October.  It was April 25th, and it felt like the playoffs in October didn’t it.

=================== 1-Man

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