1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Padres-Lakers…Proving-Not Proving”

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“Padres-Lakers….Proving–Not Proving”


So much for expectations and failures.


What a weekend following the Padres and the Lakers.  1-team failing to follow thru on all its expectations.  The other launching itself into the conversation of being in the NBA finals.


Such is life for the Padres, as the disappointing start of the season now finds them 3-games behind the team they are supposed to blow by, the Dodgers.


The Lakers, proving everyone wrong, pushing this new look roster from a play-in team, to just about ready to end the dynastic run of Golden State.


When the Padres get pitching, they don’t hit.  When they have odd game they hit, the starters or the bullpen let them down.  They are now 3-back of LA in the NL-West and have shown no consistency all year long  That’s a 253M payroll where Fernando Tatis looks like he is back, Juan Soto looks lost, and Manny Machado looks to be only partly as productive of last season.  Even Jake Cronenworth, who got a payday, gets taken out by pitchers he used to hit.


Anyone tired of the Blake Snell experience or the iffy performances of some of the bullpen brigade.  Or the constant injury updates on Drew Pomeranz or Adrian Morejon.


Sure there are a ton of games to be played, but this weird first quarter of the season, the Padres have not played like a contender.  And it has to happen with this group, since there is nothing standing by in the farm system.


The Lakers are on the brink of running Warriors out of the playoffs.  Anthony Davis is playing possessed, LeBron James has had explosive amazing segments of games.  D’Angelo Russell, playing for nis next contract, has been explosive and streaky but a difference maker.


Hard to believe the Lakers would get blitzed (80-47) in the second half of Game 2, then watched LA explode for 83-point in 2-quarters in Game 3-in dismembering Golden State.


It’s hard to sit and watch the Padres batting order, for there has been no consistency aside from Xander Boegaerts has delivered, and the last week and a half of Fernando Tatis.  Manager Bob Melvin doesn’t seem intent on firing criticism at any of his struggling players.


Darvin Ham has figured out the Lakers, and seems willing to push any and all buttons to see who gets the hot hand. And watching this series has been riveting  The games are like mortal combat.  Sprawling, smashing, tumbling, blasting each other on the way to the basket.


Steals, blocked shots, hard fouls, swats, and hits with hands-feet-arms-shoulders.  The 3-games so far have been a war.  Anthony Davis is playing possessed.  LeBron James whirling derby drives to the basket and his shot blocking, has been explosive.


So Monday arrives with us wondering what the Padres next week of games will bring.  And Monday arrives with us waiting to see which body gets flattened when the Warriors-Lakers play their version of street ball, where there will be no survivors.


It’s been interesting and there’s more to pay attention to, Padres-and-Lakers.


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