1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “PADRES–LEADERS SOUND OFF”

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“My Thoughts-The Team”

What I see-what I think.

PADRES…New CEO-Eric Kutsenda held his first press conference taking over  for the departed Peter Seidler, giving a vote of confidence to GM-AJ  Preller.  He may be the only one speaking like that.  The Padres are preaching patience, saying all the pitching they got from the Yankees, will make a difference.  I don’t see any Blake Snell types there, nor any proven veterans like the Michael Wacha-Seth Lugo.  From Michael King going to the back of the rotation, alot to prove going towards the opening of the season.  Prellar’s contract runs thru 2026 so I don’t think he is in jeopardy of losing his job, yet.  But Kutsenda used the word ‘accountability’ three times in one sentence.

TV DEAL…President Erick Greupner says the TV deal rules are being set by MLB and he trusts they get the distribution packages done by the start of the season.  Have a hard time believing though the loss of 60M in annual TV revenue has not played a part in the fact the team has spent 101M-less in payroll this year than last year.  Greupner praised the fans, the season ticket holders, and saying they have put a quality product on the field for the 3-years in a row.  Excuse me, a 2021 season they tanked, a 2022 season run into the playoffs was fun, a 2023 season of underachievement.  I’m not sure that qualifies as quality.  And now the owner is gone, the manager fired, an MVP player traded, and a payroll a 100M less than last year.  Anybody like the direction they are going?

INFIELD..Xander Bogaerts to 2nd, Jake Cronenworth stays at 1st, Ha Seong-Kim at short, and hopefully not setbacks with the elbow for Manny Machado.  Think that group will be okay.

OUTFIELD..Is Jackson Merrill a true outfielder, and can he hit MLB pitching?  Sugar Azocar has to show he can hit?  Why all the excitement over the re-signing of Jurickson Profar-a super utilityman at best?  Until any of these guys show they can hit well, they are suspect prospects right now.  Big hole out there right now.  Big depth issues too.

CATCHER..Luis Campusano looks like has arrived.  If he gets hurt, they might have a black hole behind him.

DH..Looking for volunteers.  Why not bring Garrett Cooper back, he is still out there?  JD Martinez wants too much money.  Awful lot of fringe guys out there.  We don’t want a Ji Man Choi type acquisition, do we?

The spring training schedule opens end of the week.  Time to prove themselves.  Then we can make real judgements as to whether this team can be good, or will be in trouble.


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