1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday. ‘PADRES–TIME TO BE BOLD”

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The history book will write he has never been afraid to make a bold move to help his Padres team.

Talking about GM-AJ Preller.

The middle of the night trades at the Winter Meetings.
The blockbuster trade deadline deals.
The amazing international free agent signings.
The astonishing contracts handed out to free agents and his extensions.

Now he has a Padres team in trouble with the loss of his 1-2 starters Yu Darvish-Joe Musgrove with nagging injuries.

Between them 6-different injuries and 4-trips to the DL.

Your pitching staffs are never the same year by year, and it’s about injuries and attrition to free agency.

2-years ago the Padres front four in the rotation each had 30-plus stars and put up dazzling stats.  Sadly the team never got deep in the playoffs, with the exception of the Dodgers playoff upset season.  Never got to the World Series.

Blake Snell is gone.  Josh Hader is gone.  Darvish-Musgrove seem to be on the downside of their careers now, the toll paid for all the innings and great outings.

There is really nothing ready in the farm system, even if they force feed Adam Masur or Rob Snelling, neither dominating at AA-AAA.

The solution is right there, south of the border.  It was there a year ago in Japan.

Trevor Bauer, the once frontline starter with the Indians and Dodgers, burned his career to the ground with what he did off the field, this series of ‘rough sex’ issues with 3-different women.

Never charged, lawsuits dropped, suspended by baseball, having lost a ton of money.

He showed he could pitch despite an 18-month layoff by what he did last summer with the Yokohama Bay Stars in Japan (10-4) 3.03.

He shopped himself last winter and despite workouts no one offered a deal.

This spring into summer, he has gone (5-0) with 1.50-ERA pitching for the Mexico City Diablos-Rojos and has dominated.

You could get a front line starting pitcher, who was a workhorse.

Yes you also acquire the reputation of being a free-spirit, an over the top social media fool, and a guy who has made terrible personal decisions with treatment of women.

It’s simple.  He would be a difference maker in this battered starting rotation right now.

You can sign him to a 2M-veteran’s minimum contract, that would contain bonus incentive clauses on starts made and how many wins he earns.

You  can also put in discipline clauses if he wanders off the straight and narrow of what you want your players to represent, forfeiting money.

Trevor Bauer needs to restore his personal reputation and restore faith he can be a frontline starter again without all the other baggage he has dragged along.

Hey the Padres allowed Fernando Tatis to return after his PED suspension.  Yes they got rid of troubled guys like Jose Torres (guns), Jacob Nix (alcohol) and others.

Preller has been bold.  He’s made mistakes.  He has wasted alot of money.  Traded away alot of prospects.  Over paid on virtually all deals.

He needs a front line starter now.  It would be a 4-month rental at best, with probably lots of upside, minimum downside if Bauer does what is requested.  Preller tried to rent Juan Soto for 3-pennant races and it did not work out.  This is a team in need for 4-months.

Make the call to Mexico City, make an offer with a structure you want, and tell your rabid fan base ‘people deserve a 2nd chance’. For Trevor Bauer, second chance equals last chance.

Might be win-win for both.  Don’t think the Padres have anything to lose.


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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday. ‘PADRES–TIME TO BE BOLD””

  1. Garrett Kuehn says:

    If you’re trying to be controversial you’re doing a good job. First your political expressions of last week on a what should be a “sports page” and now offering a second chance to a pervert for the sake of winning games. As a loyal Padre’s fan, I would boycott any game in which he pitches. This is a family sport not WWE. I’m sure there have been others who have done worse, about which we know nothing. But here the cat is out of the bag. Remember in the law “not guilty” is not the same as ‘innocent”

  2. Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

    If I say it…write it…I believe it

    What’s wrong with my version of freedom of speech

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