1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Padres-What You Feel-Think”

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Padres-1st Glance-Last Game Season’


Heartbreak.  So Close…but yet it feels like it was ‘so far away’…the potential of a World Series appearance.

If you had told me in March, at the end of the Cactus League, you’d give me 95-wins this season, I would have signed up for that.  But it never felt like a 95-win team.

It felt like a struggle all season long.  Sometimes it felt like underachievement.  Some times it felt like just bad luck-bad injuries.  Sometimes it was the other guy who earned it-deserved it.

The late afternoon fall weather summed up your heart’s feeling on Sunday, dreary-down in the dumps.  No not the rainy weather, just the feel about the way it ended.

Phillies 4-Padres 3.

Bryce Harper’s opposite field 2R-HR in the 8th thru the mist gave the Phillies the World Series berth.  Rhys Hoskins 2R-HR early put Philadelphia in the lead.

Oh so many questions to ask of Manager Bob Melvin-most notably when he let the rookie Robert Suarez pitch to Harper in the 8th inning-when Josh Hader was out there with his 100mph fastball ready to go lefthanded pitcher on lefthanded batter.  Never happened, and I don’t buy the theory Hader was not ready to pitch.  He’s always ready to pitch this time of the year.

End result Harper home run again, and the Phillies finished off the Friars once and for all.

But you had bad feelings thru the whole course of the 3-games at Citizens Bank Bandbox-Park.

The Phillies scored a total of 34-runs in 5-home games and you just knew-feared if they had another at bat coming, they always had a chance.  Home runs all over the place.  I hate the Rocky Theme, and Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom and the new meaning of ‘Red October’

God there feels so much letdown.

I closed my eyes after the game and tried to think positive and negatives of the just completed season.  I couldn’t find much to feel good about.  Maybe that’s just the way this thing ended.

Pick anything you want:

The whole Fernando Tatis betrayal.
The bottom of the batting order going (4-48) against the Phillies
The crap outings by Mike Clevinger-Sean Manaea-Jekyll-Hyde
The disappearance of Wil Myers
The challenges of the up-and-down defense of Juan Soto
The downer of a feeling about how poor Soto-Josh Bell hit all year
The streakiness of Blake Snell
The demise of Trent Grisham at home plate-much of the year-and last series
By 5pm-I was really pissed off

But you take a deep breath and remember something special
3M-fans at Petco Park
45,000 making ear-ringing noise at home games in playoffs
The professionalism of Yu Darvish
The growth of Joe Musgrove
Manny Machado-MVP candidate and should be a Gold Glover
The Bullpen Brigade
The joys of winning at Citi Field and Dodgers Stadium-beating their aces
The chants of MVP-MVP and Go-Kim-Go
The stability Melvin brought to the clubhouse and dugout

AJ Preller did a good job, though you must admit Dave Dombrowski did a better job in Philadelphia.

The Phillies big bats didn’t disappoint.  The Padres big guys, did , and for most of the year.

So you will have to tell me how you feel at this hour, for sometimes I feel okay, other times I feel so disappointed.

It just did not feel like a 95-win season, but I think we all would have signed up for that on opening day.

The whole season feels so empty-unrewarding.

And you?

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3 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Padres-What You Feel-Think””

  1. Your PADRES carry on the losing legacy of San Diego that started with the Chargers. They beat their Rival Dodgers then lose 4-1 to the Phillies…just like their fellow Chargers did in the Playoffs.

  2. Art Uvaas says:

    I’ve read your bellyachin’ about the Padres all summer. It became tedious. Then with a miracle weekend you beat the
    distinguished Dodgers and onto the proverbial “bandwagon” you went. After Bob Melvin channeled his inner “Dave Roberts” yesterday, another San Diego potential championship fell by the way-side. They have joined Los Angeles, just a week later, in a communal wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    Hey, I’m an Angels’ fan. I know what a “dumpster fire” that organization has become. At least the Friars made it interesting. Dodgers’ and Angels’ fans gave up six plus months of their lives, this year, that see them careening into an off-season emotional abyss. The Padres’ prospects, at least, look somewhat better.

  3. Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

    Padres struggled thru the grind…
    Finished hot and healthy…others fell apart

    But over stretch of summer-I wrote about the Padres reality…sub 500 against teams with winning records….lost 33-games to teams with losing records…so had the right to doubt Padres being elite

    Dodgers mismanaged pitching staff again
    Angels destroyed by injuries and long standing pitching issues

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