1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “PADRES-WORST SEASON EVER?”

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Oh there have been disappointments before.

100 loss seasons
Failures-sweeps in the playoffs
World Series sweeps
Failures in the late season pennant race.

But this seems to take the cake, this plunge  by the Padres in what was supposed to be a World Series type season.

Nothing wrong with your eyesight as you read this.

The Padres are 20-games out of first place in the NL-West.

Yes those Padres with the Fab 4-batting order, the Gold Glovers in the field, and  Cy Young Award winners in the rotation, helped by the best closer in baseball.

Yes those Padres who are tied with the lowly, rebuilding, cost cutting Washington Nationals for the 7th slot in the wildcard race.  You know a wildcard race that only takes 3-teams.  You know Washington, whom the Friars traded 5-prospects to so they could get Juan Soto and agent Scott Boras.

Yes those Padres, who are closer to last place Colorado that any of the top teams in the NL West.

Those Padres with the 253M-payroll, second highest in baseball.  The Padres with all that age on the roster, and those 10..11..14-year contracts that you cannot trade.

The dugout temper tantrum of Manny Machado late in Sunday’s game, swinging viciously 7-times at the water cooler, as his team approached another loss.  By the way, it is now a season worst 9-games below .500.  Your Padres have now lost 14-of-20 games at the most important time of the season.

Machado’s tantrum equalled my feeling about watching this team play this way, not in a weekend series, but in homestands, large chunks of time.  The only difference, Machado makes 30M more than me.  And I am not going to take a baseball bat to my big screen TV because of these losers.

Social (unsocial) media has been vicious within the last week.

People saying this is worse than the 2019 season when Ron Fowler ripped his team for its collapse.  Worse than what we visited in 2021 when Peter Seidler called it an ‘epic collapse’

The last night of the wasted (5-5) homestand against poor teams, the fans booed the team in the 9th inning on that last game played at Petco.

Machado will have his worst statistic season of his career.
Tatis’ numbers are below standards for him, even with a steal of home.
Bogaerts looks like an old man.
Soto seems to be the most over-rated superstar San Diego has had.

You can pick any category you want about what we have seen and scream.
Pick an offensive metric, from batting average, to runners in scoring position.  And by the way, do you know the Padres have 3-hitting instructors and all those smart metric people upstairs?

Pick any of these games, the (0-10) record in extra innings, you know games that start with a runner at second base and the Fab 4-coming up-and not hitting them in.

Yell if you are upset this team is (34-39) vs teams that were .500 or worse when San Diego played them.

Lest we forget the horrors of losing series to the worst teams in the league, the Pirates (2X), Royals, Nationals, Arizona.

Add in a (9-51) record when they trail early in a game; (2-57) when they trail in the 8th; (30-33) at Petco Park this year; (6-20) in one run games; (19-36) in one-or-two run games: and my favorite (7-15) since the all important trading deadline.

And the fans, who have sold out 51-games at Petco Park are letting the team know what they feel, as Social Media Says:

..The GM is supposed to create a winning culture.  Preller has not done that-time to go

..Soto-least clutch player I have ever seen

..Machado-nice it took him 5-months to care about anything

..Who you going to trade-get rid of?

..You want me to join the ‘on deck waiting list’ for season tickets?

So here we are.  The franchise that gave us 5-seasons of 100-loss baseball…gave us a Firesale of talent…keeps getting kicked out of post season..now .gives us this mess, this week.

Guess we have to invoke Harry Caray’s Cubs phrase forever..’wait till next year’.

Is it on Seidler to take a leadership role?  Preller to clean out his front office? Preller to be asked to leave?  Remove Bob Melvin?  Putting a chunk of this roster out for sanitation service pickup on Monday?

Padres baseball…now we find out the team’s new colors are really ‘Bad Baseball Brown and Fools Gold’.

Why does this feel like ‘crypto-currency fraud’?

What a nitemare.  This may be the worst we have ever experienced, and this team has experienced alot of bad times.

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