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Postcard from My Road Trip”———–

On the road this weekend, it the midst of snow, sleet and rain at Mt Hood-in Oregon, but the world of sports continues on, and so do I with my opinions.
WORLD SERIES….The Astros beat the Phillies three in a row with their backs to the wall.  Choked off the homer happy lineup.  Got gritty bullpen pitching.  A World Series ring for the 2nd time in 6-years.  Should you feel good about the Astros?  The first thing that comes to mind when I think Astros baseball, are the 1919 Black Sox..or Barry Bonds…or Mark McGuire…or A-Rod.  Your thoughts?

DUSTY BAKER…Driver’s license reads Johnny Lee Baker…Baseball Lifer…What a reward..World Series ring finally after 25-years as a manager…with the Astros-Giants-Cubs-Reds-Washingthon….12-times he led teams for 90-wins for more…he has (2,093) wins in his career…and a ring.

PHILLIES…They had a great run from last one into playoffs to the final weekend of season, but Manager Rob Thompson kept gambling on yanking starters and going to an over used bullpen.  It blew up a couple of times, and definitely this time yanking ace Zach Wheller for overworked Jose Alvarado.  End result, Yordan Alvarez ‘Moon Shot’ home run.  Series over.  Pain in Philadelphia will linger.

CHARGERS…They got a win vs a really anemic Atlanta team, so the record in (5-4)  A team ownership wants you to think is a Super Bowl contender has played the weakest schedule in the NFL and scuffled.  The teams they have beaten have a combined record of (13-26-1).

RAMS…Don’t know what is the biggest disappointment, the Rams offense or the entire Tampa Bay Bucs team or the demise of the Green Bay Packers around Aaron Rodgers.

AZTECS…An unimpressive (5-4) record, fans turned off-have stopped coming, ticket prices have been slashed and the AD may go to Mississippi State.  Hard to believe the demise of a decade long run of success.

USC…Trojans fans-hope you are enjoying this offensive show, because you won’t be going to the playoffs with this substandard brand of defense.

BRUINS…It’s not sexy, but it’s win after win most of the year under QB-Dorian Thompson-Robinson.  The end of season game with the Trouans will determine success or failure to the season

GOOD BYE…Alabama-Clemson gone from the playoff races and the late season polls.

LAKERS WOES…Two weeks into the season, a (2-7) and nagging injuries against to Anthony Davis-LeBron James.  Look what the franchise has turned into under Jeannie Buss-Rob Pelinka, not just this year but recent years.

KYRIE IRVING…Welcome to the rest of your life.  You can average 30-points a game but you cannot continue to be the contrarian you have become and think you will still have fans, or teams interested in your act.  Don’t know many others now who want someone radio active on their roster, or in the room.

DUCKS…What happens in Anaheim-affects what happens in San Diego in hockey.  New GM has put together an NHL team that can’t score, so a bad team up there.  His AHL-Gulls don’t score much, give up tons of shots, and let their very good young goalie Lukas Dostal face too much rubber

JIMMIE JOHNSON…Leaving Indy Car Racing after what I thought was a really good year on super speedways, to return to NASCAR as a part owner of a Richard Petty team.  Did not think you could make a ‘U-Turn’ on super speedways.

LEFTY NOT RIGHT…So Phil Mickelson comes home after leading the defections to the Saudi Super League.  Didn’t win a tourney in LIV, disappeared for the most part off leaderboards.  Not much of a season and not much TV viewership for the new league.  Forever rich, but get the feel, forever destroyed his popular reputation.

GOOD LUCK TO ME…Sending from 35,000-feet on Alaska Air flight.  Hope this works.




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