1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday. “Spectacular Superstar Weekend”

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“Superstar Superlative”


You sit there and marvel at what these athletes do.

Think back to the achievements.

Michael Phelps amazing accomplishments in the pool in the Olympics.

The great array of gymnasts, led by Simona Byles.

The explosiveness of the Padres ‘El Nino’-Fernando Tatis.

The historic accomplishments of the Patriots-Bucs QB-Tom Brady.

What Steph Curry has meant to the NBA record book at Golden State.

Tiger Woods dominance in all those major events on the PGA Tour..

But you are wowed by what we saw over a 72-hour period in the French Open Tennis Tourney, where the Grand Slam event was marred by upsets, injuries and controversies.

In a sport with the history of spectacular rivalries and matches, you flashback to Bjorn Borg-Jon McEnroe 5-set war at Wimbledon.  We recognize what Jimmy Connors-vs-Borg was all about.  We respect so much Roger Federer or Serena Williams tremendous run.

But then there was the Serbian, engaged in the edge of your seat showdown with Rafael Nadal on Friday at Roland Garros Stadium.
He went (4:11) in a battle of attrition-exhaustion to end Nadal’s amazing dominant run in Paris.

The (1:33) third set.  The 23-stroke battle to gain 1-point in that set.  You wondered if it would ever end.

Hitting shot after shot, baseline to baseline, at net, and cross-court, running the Spainard dizzy.

Down 2-games in the 4th set, he won 6-games in a row, to terminate Nadal’s clay court dominance, denying Raffa his 14th French Open cup, and inflicting a loss on the guy who was (105-2) in matches in his illustrious career on clay.

And if Friday was not enough, Djokovic did it again on Sunday in Paris, coming from an (0-2) deficit to win, to steal the win against Stefan Tsitsipas, ripping off 3-straight sets to pick up his 19th Grand Slam title.

It sets the stage for Novak to try and nail it in the US Open coming up in Flushing Meadows in late summer.

It was excellence not seen in a long time at that majestic venue.  Fans did not want to leave.  The media did not want the press conferences to end.  Network TV will be reshowing these highlites forever.


Novak Djokovic, the artist, put together a ‘Masterpiece’ in tennis, that should be in some gallery in Paris, in the city that has given us the Louvre and the Lights.


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