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‘Weekend Watching Sports & Ukraine’


It has been hard to concentrate on sports this weekend-with what is going on in society.

Baseball’s owners and the Union go back to the bargaining table with Monday being the deadline on the decision to start cancelling games.  Millionaires-vs-Billionaires damaging the game  Way to stomp out interest in the game.

…Russia sends troops into Ukraine

The Lakers free fall continues and the agent representing LeBron James denies the player no longer supports the GM because LA did not make a move at the trading deadline.  LeBron engineered a lot of player deals that brought the Lakers Russell Westbrook-Carmelo Anthony and other ill-fitting pieces.

..Russia launches attacks to destroy Ukraine’s military bases.

The Aztecs play a must-win game at Wyoming on Monday, trying to disprove the fact they have lost 6-games already to the best teams in the Mountain West Conference.

..Russia and Belarus send troops into Kiev if hopes of capturing the capital.

NFL trade rumors are everywhere involving quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Sam Darnold, Jim Garoppolo.  with free agency just around the corner.

…385,000-citizens flee Kiev trying to get to the Polish border as the firefights around that city continued thru the weekend.

Phil Mickelson remains under siege days after his apology for his attacks on the PGA Tour, the Saudi Super League and condemnation from fellow golfers.  He loses his top 5-corporate sponsors and steps away from the tour.

..Russians fire shells into apartment complexes killing citizens.

San Diego State opens spring football practice in search of a starting quarterback, with the first full workouts for Virginia Tech star Braxton Burmeister and promising rookie Will Haskel

..Burned out trucks, destroyed planes, bodies of soldiers dot highways in different  cities as Ukraine continued a citizen’s war against the Russian troops.

Alex Ovechkin asked Putin to stop the war..Wayne Gretzky wants Russia expelled from the World Junior championships.  Sweden-Poland-Czech refuse to play Russia in World Cup qualifying games ..Denver and Sacramento link arms with Kings center Alex Lens-a Ukranian before an NBA game..Formula 1-drivers want the Russian Grand Prix canceled…UFEA pulls its Soccer Championship game out of Russia…Tennis-Ice Skating pull their competitions out of Russia..

…The Eiffel Towers in Paris, the Coliseum in Rome,  the CN-TowersToronto and buildings and bridges everywhere are lit up with blue-gold lights the colors of the Ukraine flag.  Saturday Night Live opens its show with the Ukraine National Anthem….150,000 show up in Germany to support Ukraine…Over 1200 arrested in Russia for protesting Putin’s moves in Ukraine…Global sanctions against Russia mount by the hour..

The sports world goes on, but your heart and head don’t feel the same at this hour because of a small Democratic nation has to do by itself against a military might with a dark history.

Go Ukraine-beat-Russia
Go Democracy-beat-Autocracy.


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