1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Spring Training Camps–All the Same–But Different”

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“Spring Training Camps–Same But Different”


All 30-spring training camps have opened for this 3-week run-up to the 60-game season and the spring to a hopeful post season camp.

Everyone is dealing with the same thing.  Health protocols.  Testing for the Virus.  Players opting out.  Getting ready-preventing injuries.

But each came is indeed different.  Included is the Angels camp in Anaheim.

Same number of players, but with a new manager.  And a very different issue.

Mike Trout, the highest paid player in baseball (37M) is dealing with the virus from a different perspective.  Trying to get ready to play, trying to decide if he is going to play, with his wife in the middle of her first pregnancy.

Trout, the complete superstar, isn’t thinking about a (.334) season, or home runs, or even wins yet.  He is thinking about what is going on around him in that clubhouse, with that roster, and his family.

He would be missed, superstar status and all.  You don’t replace a guy who has hit (117HRs) the last three years.  Has 5-300 seasons in Anaheim.  A career (.305) hitter.  A Gold Glove-Silver Slugger guy.

Mike Trout:

..I still don’t feel comfortable about us playing
..Asking what is safest way to get thru the season with baby coming
..I worry about testing positive-then cannot see my wife or baby
..If there is an outbreak-have to reconsider my position
..Maybe wait till baby is born then report to play
..Why am I here..I love the game
..Everyone has to be trusted..be accountable
..1-Guy mess this up
..1-Positive tests could mean it takes 15-days to get 2-negative tests
..1-Guy could impact the entire 60-man roster
..We all have a responsibility in the clubhouse

..I did a lot of workouts outdoors..running-throwing at distance
..Seems like we are rushing to play
..I will play this by ear
..I like the schedule-limited travel
..I did not like the negotiations..too many leaks
..I liked the expanded playoff idea-creates interest
..Toughest part ahead-it’s not on field..it’s in hotel
..Do not leave hotel room on road-do not violate protocol
..Strange summer-with the team-but not with the team in clubhouse
..We are playoff team with Ohtani completely healthy

All these MLB camps are one and the same.
But each camp has a different storyline and a decision to be made.
Mike Trout’s decision might be the biggest.


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