1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday “Sunday in San Diego–Superstar Sunday”

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“Sunday in San Diego–Superstar Sunday”


What a day for sports fans in America’s Finest City.
It’s two superstars put on a show…on the golf course..on the baseball diamond.

Phil Mickelson was dazzling from start to finish, and he put on a show of focus and intensity on Sunday.

Spectacular birdie putts, including one from the Sand Trap at 10.
Wild shots off the tees, into bunkers, the rough, the fans.
Amazing recovery shots when you thought that huge lead would melt.

Mickelson won the battle of attrition against the winds at the Ocean Course in South Carolina.  The Wannamaker Trophy is his for this US Open win.

He won the challenges from Brooks Koepka who closed to within 2-strokes only to self destruct on the back nine.

And everytime Luis Oosthuizen cut into the lead, Mickelson had an answer.

He gets his 6th major.  it’s his 45th career win.  It makes him the oldest ever on the tour to win a Grand Slam event.  He gets a 5-year exemption into the US Open.

And how about the 18th hole…as the fans stormed onto the fairway, running with Mickelson to the final green, flashing back memories of what golf was like when Arnie Palmer-Jack Nicklaus had a historical following like that.

Mickelson may be in the twilight of this career, but the sun has not set on the ‘Fans-Man’.

Here at home, Fernando Tatis completed a remarkable weekend since coming off the Covid list for the Padres.

He hit a 441′-home run early in the Sunday win against Seattle.  He followed with a 447′ Grand Slam bomb,completing a (3-3) 6RBI.

How about this four game stretch of games at home..(11-14)…4-bombs.. and 12RBIs in that span…not to mention 8-extra base hits.  Who knows why teams aren’t trying to pitch around him.

Think of this.  Tatis had to restructure his swing to protect his ailing left shoulder during his ten day stay on the DL early this spring.  Since then he has been raging.  He has taken his batting average from (.218) to (.291) in a span of four weeks since the scary shoulder dislocation.

The Padres win streak is now at 9-in a row.  They are in lst place, a game up on the blazing Dodges, who swept the Giants out of first place this weekend.

The Friars now play 16-of-22 on the road beginning Monday, and they still have the teeth of the schedule ahead of them.  Yes 8-of their series this year have been against teams with losing records.  But you cannot take the 30-wins they have away from them.

What a summer we have infront of us.

Mickelson comes back to San Diego next month for the US Open at Torrey Pines.  Tatis and friends have plenty of big games left, including 3-more series against D’em Bums, the Dodgersl.

What a weekend for fans in San Diego.  And what we have to look forward to too.



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