1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Super Bowl-Super Win-Super Loss”

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“Super Bowl–Super Game-Super Loss”

A sledge hammer loss turned into a scalding hot victory.

The best quarterback in the NFL, coupled with the best play caller in the game led the Kansas City Chiefs to a wild come from behind win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Patrick Mahomes, who reinjured his ankle late in the first half, came back to lead four scoring drives in the second half to steal the win from the Eagles, sealing the deal with a Harrison Butker game winning field goal with (:08) left.

it was the world of experience of Reid, who out coached young coach Nick Sirianni in the 2nd half.  It was Mahomes getting up off the deck, outgunning Jalen Hurts with a wild second half to get the Chiefs another Super Bowl ring.

The Eagles owned the first half running up a (24-14) score by halftime as Mahomes limped off the field.  Hurts hit big pass plays, and ripped off aseries of key runs as Philly piled up a (271-178) edge in offense.  They ran off a (44-20) edge in snaps too.  Had it not been for a Hurts fumble, returned for a KC TD, the game might have been over at halftime.

But Reid changed everything in the second half.  Mahomes went under center for snaps so he did not have to scramble around.  They went to a strong run game with Pacheco hammering the ball.  JuJu Smith caught 7-passes in the second half when Philly started to double team Travis Kelce.  And Kadarius Toney, a mid season pickup, had a big catch and a big kick return too.

And Mahomes even ran 26-for a critical first down on a 4th down play to extend a drive, recreating what he did to the Bengals at the end of that AFC title game

There were huge plays all night long, with the two teams combining for 30-plays of 10-yards or more.

How the two defenses did not collapse on the field is amazing.  There were 6-drives of 75-yards in the game.  There was a 17-play Eagles drive.  Add in a 45-yard punt return and huge chunk plays all night long, and you see how the two teams combined for (757Y) in combined total offense.

The offenses were on full throttle and the defenses nearly died on the field.

You play a whole season, 17-games, grind thru the playoffs, and go to the final (:08) of the Super Bowl before we determine who was the champion.  You cannot write a better script.

It might not have been pretty, because these were two really great teams trying to impose their will on each other.  But the old dog that is Reid, outschemed the young pup coach Sirianni, and Mahomes took care of the rest.

Chiefs win.  Eagles lose.  The NFL hits the jackpot on another great game.


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