1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Super Game-Super Farewell”

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“A Fun Farewell”———————-

Goodbyes are never easy, especially for people who have meant so much to the game.

Mike Krzyzewski has meant so much thru his 42-years of coaching at Duke.  His impact on young players lives has been spectacular.  His thought process on what is good for the game has been echoed thru the hallways of the NCAA-headquarters.

The respect he has garnered from everyone in the game, from ACC coaches, to the national working media is everywhere.

Tough to see it all end Saturday night, but what a game, his wild (81-77) North Carolina last second victory over Duke.

Duke and UNC are separated by only 8-miles of roadway on Tobacco Road.  8-miles of history…8-miles of hate…8-miles of grudging respect.

What great theatre all night long infront of 70,000-fans at the Louisiana Super Dome.

22-lead changes.  11-ties

A game played at a frantic pace.  Pick N Rolls..Iso plays..Drives-dishouts…3-point shot…pressure free throws.

The look on the face of Coach K-all night long, intensity squared on the bench to match what his Blue Devils did on the floor.  The same from Carolina’s Hubie Davis, who could not sit down, must have walked a mile up and down infront of that bench. rallying his players, railing on the refs.

There was a (13-0) Tar Heels run to get them the lead.  There was a (10-2) response from the Devils.

Hats off to the refs who let them play, let them bang, let college basketball shine.

The game was so close, that if it were not for a couple of free throws late, these two teams might still be playing.

I have never seen two teams so intent on attacking the basket virtually every trip down the floor.  Challenging the rim protectors…going to the hole with rim rattling shots.

Caleb Love hit a critical 3-with (;29) left then added 3-free throws to secure the UNC win.  Duke went (5-22) on threes and missed 8-free throws on the night, a difference in the outcome.

Paolo Banchero was everywhere on the floor getting his 19-points in what is his  likely last game before he heads to the NBA.

It was the purest form of basketball you’d want to see, alot better substance and sizzle that watching a majority of NBA games.

When it was done, it was a game to remember forever, from schools that gave us Michael Jordan-Christain Laettner-Roy Williams and Dean Smith and of course that Blue Devils coach..

It was also a farewell for someone we may never see again in the game, the likes Coach K and Duke.  He leaves with the most wins ever…5-NCAA Rings…and a sterling reputation of a man whose influence is far and wide, never to be forgotten.

Can you top what we saw Saturday with the Monday night Kansas-Carolina showdown?  The Tar Heels-Blue Devils showdown Saturday may be impossible to recreate again.



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