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Now that was Super…the Super Bowl Chiefs come from behind win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Andy Reid solidifies his credentials to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Patrick Mahomes now equals Tom Brady in terms of clutch postseason wins.
The Chiefs win their 2nd in a row and 3rd Trophy in a 5-year span.
Yes you can now use the word ‘Dynasty’ to describe what you saw.

The two top offensive teams in the NFL.  2-top defenses.  2-brilliant quarterbacks.  And coaching staffs who created chaos with the plays they called on both sides of the ball.

It was a defensive war.  Costly turnovers.  Quarterback sacks.  Enormous QB pressures.  Some bad penalties.

It became a line of scrimmage game.
Then it became a war of attrition game for both gassed defenses.

Both kickers set NFL records with 55 and 57-yard Super Bowl field goals.

There were a few Taylor Swift sightings.  Travis Kelce caught a bunch of passes late.  Christian McCaffrey was all everything on offense.

There was even a sideline yelling match, Kelce screaming at Reid when things were not going well in the first half.  All well that ends well.

But in the end it was too much Patrick Mahomes for San Francisco to keep out of the end zone.  It took a 75-yard game winning TD drive as time was running out for the Chiefs to celebrate under the confetti.

When they were done, Mahomes had thrown for (333Y-2TD) and broke off (66Y) rushing including scrambles on 3rd and 4th down that broke the Niners back in overtime..  Kelce had (9R-93Y) most of it after his spat with his coach.

Brock Purdy stood tough, finishing with (225P-TD) but he struggled mightily in the 2nd half as Steve Spagnuolo ratcheted up the blitz pressure.  McCaffrey had a combined (160APY) on  a day with a devastating loss.

The Chiefs did not wilt in the face of the fierce defensive line play, finishing the night with (455Y) compared to an impressive (382Y) SF put up.

Both teams were gassed at the end.  Mahomes took 4-sacks, 5-hits and 12-pressures.  Purdy went down once, had 8-hits and had 10-pressures.

As good as the defenses were, the Chiefs had 14-chunk plays of 10-yards or more.  As good as KC was, SF had 16-big plays of plus ten yards or more.

It was amazing anyone on either defense had any strength left, but the Chiefs did.  The Niners did not on the final drive.

For the fans, it was as wild as it could be, ending in a tie in regulation, and going down to the final snap in overtime before the Chiefs got the win.

Elation and relief for Clark Hunt, the owner, Reid, the coach, and Mahomes-Kelce, the dynamic duo.

Heartbreaking for Kyle Shanahan, who still has this albatross of post season failures, lost leads, on his 49ers coaching resume.

But it was Super night for the NFL.  The Chiefs go home with another trophy.


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