1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “Tatis–Tarnished-Terrible Decisions”

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Golden Boy-Tarnished”


Fernando Tatis, golden boy with a tarnished image.

The 80-game PED suspension is a betrayal of a fine owner, of his clubhouse, and of all the fans who have cheered him on for 3-plus years.

The drug in question is used by body builders, to build strength.  It is illegal according to the WADA organization and the Olympics.

And yet we are to believe he used this cream for ringworm?
We are to believe he went outside the circle of team physicians to solve this?

He should stop going to ‘voodoo doctors’ in the Dominican Republic and stop buying things on the black market.

By the time this suspension is over by next May, he will have played 273-games for the Padres and missed 311-games with injuries and this discipline.

Tatis loses (2.9M) in salary.  Of greater importance, he has lost support in his clubhouse.  Read the words from teammates:
..He failed us a 2nd time
..He’s young but he’s wrong
..He made another bad decision
..We’ve won without him.

And listen to the scathing comments of GM-AJ Preller..and words used:
..It’s about trust
..It’s about maturity
..It’s about honesty
..It’s about responsibility

He’s lost his endorsements.

What I fear is the next round of bad stories about him, off the field and they are out there.

Think about this stat too, not his (.292) batting average or his home runs, think about the fact this was an 80-game suspension.  The next lapse of any kind will be a 1 year suspension.

Tatis grew up in money, his dad a solid player with the Cardinals.  Though his dad was caught up in the Mitchell steroid report

Tatis grew up with entitlement and education.  This is a smart kid-till he does stupid things.

He did not grow up dirt poor on unpaved roads in the back country of a poor country, picking watermelons in the DR.

I fear also money has changed him forever and that is a bad thing for someone who does not know and does not listen.

He had to know what he was doing.

Sorry the excuse, ‘dog ate my homework’ does not fly for me.

He obviously learned nothing, growing up in baseball,  from the knowledge of what happened to Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano.

He’s had five different injuries.

He keeps making bad decisions too.

There should be a face to face meeting, he and Preller, then he and his benevoland owner, the man on the hook for the remaining 13-years and (335M) of this mega contract, he probably should not have been given.

And when he is done with those meetings, the next phone call should be to the just-inducted Hall of Famer David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz,   He too was a budding star in Minnesota.  He too tested positive for steroids and was suspended.

He too reinvented himself, his career, and his personal life in Boston..

Tatis needs to hear it from someone else, not his father, not the owner, not the GM.

Golden Boy-Tarnished right now.  We wait to see if he can rebuild his wrist, his shoulder, his image, and his decision making.

No more explanations, no more excuses.

Should be in the Padres lineup, not on the MLB Drug suspended list.

If the Padres fail to make the playoffs, he is one of the reasons.  He can put that and his steroid suspension on the back of his baseball card.




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