1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Monday. “The NFL-And So It Begins–Right or Wrong”

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“NFL–And So It Begins…Right-or-Wrong”


It is supposed to start today, these large gatherings of people in one place, despite the terrible virus outbreaks in Florida, Texas, Arizona, California.

These large gatherings are called NFL training camps.

The Zoom meetings continue between the NFL and the Union over the safety protocols.

Testing, distancing, masks, training camp protocols.

Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans are supposed to open camps.

The NFL schedule says rookies report on July 21st….Quarterbacks and injured players on July 23rd…Full rosters on July 28th.

All this despite the fact the Union has not been able to agree on the structure of camps with the NFL, the league says ‘BEGIN’.

The NFL Medical head approved the emergency response plan each team put into effect, in case there is an outbreak in camp.

But the league said ‘START’.

No-one knows if it will be a 90-man roster in camp or an 80-man roster.

Neither side has agreed on the argument, no preseason games, one preseason game, two preseason games?

They are still arguing over money, and what happens to salaries, bonuses and option clauses, if camps have to be shutdown, or the season has to be cancelled after it starts in September.

They disagree on the structure of opt-out clauses for players.

They are at odds over testing 2800-players per day or do it on an every other, or every third day testing sequence.

But Roger Goodell and the owners say ‘PLAY ON’.

The spike numbers go up daily in Florida, where the Dolphins and Tampa Bay are supposed to open came.

The tragic numbers rocket in Texas, home of the Cowboys-Texans.

The Rams-Chargers-49ers camps will open with California recording historical numbers of deaths, hospitalizations and ICU unit fill-ups.

But the NFL said ‘REPORT’ and the players will have to.

How scarey are the next 24-hours, 48-72 hours, 7-days, the next month.

Consider this.  Rams Pro Bowl left tackle Andrew Whitworth confirmed.  He, his wife, and children all became ill, all tested positive, after having lunch with a relative.  3-days later that person got sick, and then so did Whitworth’s entire family.  And this from a family member.

Think about what an outbreak can look like in an NFL locker room…where 90–players will be situated.  Think about full team meetings.  Think about positional meetings with a coach.

Consider the reality all 90-Chargers players may test clean at the intake medical visit before camp opens.  What happens if 3-days later, players inside the locker room test positive, after already having been with teammates.  That word is ‘EXPOSURE’

The Rams have to be thinking of Whitworth’s family situation and be concerned that could happen inside their locker room, once opened to everyone.  That word would be ‘CONTAGIOUS’.

There’s a new word no one is using in the NFL dictionary, ‘FEARFUL’, and everyone should be at this hour, going forward.

And so it begins, NFL training camps.
So it might begin a real bad outbreak because camps have begun.



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