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“The Other Sports Storylines”


Time out from the Padres-Dodgders great chase for first place.
Same thing with all the news swirling around NFL quarterback issues.
We have the NBA playoffs wars continuing.
The NHL in the midst of its chase for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

But there are other things going on in sports..thus a look see with what I think.

TIGER WOODS…He exited the PGA Championships after 3-fruitless rounds, full of bad shots, bogeys and chronic pain in his ankle and leg.  An uncharacteristic 9-over-par 79 and a pronounced limp after his tee shots, and his walks up the fairways at Southern Hills in Tulsa.  Time to take a break, not so much to evaluate his game, but evaluate his health.  Who knows when or if we see him again.

PHIL MICKLESON…MIA at the PGA with his last minute cancellation.  He continues to live in darkness, while other guys on the PGA Tour are piling on him for not facing the music of the mess he created in the twilight of his career.  It’s his move next, either meeting with the PGA in a ‘clear the air session’, or going ahead against tour wishes and teeing off in the Saudi Super League tourney in London, facing suspension or revocation of his tour card.  Hrd to believe this great career is ending so badly.

INDY 500..Saving his best for last, in an enormous gamble, Scott Dixon waived his prior two qualifying times, went back out as the last car, and ran the second fastest qualifying round in the 100-year history of the Speedway, a torrid (234.0) 4-lap run to claim the pole for next weekend’s Memorial Day adventure.  He did all that with on track temperatures at 98-degrees just before sunset at the Old Brickyarxd.

JIMMIE JOHNSON…We’ve waited to see what driving an Indy car would mean to the El Cajon native’s racing career, after 7-NASCAR titles.  No problem.  He ran a blazing (232.6) qualifying time, to wind up starting 12th on next Sunday’s starting grid.  A fast learning curve for someone racing with no fear on Indy car ovals.

FORMULA ONE…Hard to believe what is happening.  The knighted Lewis Hamilton, the British star, has been relegated to being a pawn this year.  Team Mercedes has horsepower problems, handling problems, tire issues, and bad pit stops.  No race wins, no owners poilnts, for a driver and team that owned the sport.  Meet Max Verstappen who has dominated since the start of the season.  Amazing how one team can find the adjustmenst to new rules, while the richest team on the circuit has fallen on hard times.

NASCAR….Rock’em-sock’em Sunday at Texas All Star weekend.  Blown tires, engines, crashes, spin outs, wrecks, and Ryan Blaney wins 1M under the lights on Sunday..  Everybody acting now like Dale Earnhardt-Senior in terms of styles, aggressiveness and the end result/

ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE…If you follow soccer abroad, this was some season to follow.  Legendary Manchester United fell apart despite its high paid players.  Manchester City threatened to blow the race apart, jumping to a 14 point lead in the standings, only to see Libverpool close the gap to 1-point heading to the final day of the season.  City won its game, finished with 93 points, Liverpool won too, but finished with 92 points.  Manchester United lost and a housecleaning of the roster is likely next.

Tomorrow, back to pennant race, basketball and hockey playoffs.




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