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“This & That”

Thoughts on alot of things.

PADRES…Nice weekend-bashing the Giants and their rag-tag roster.  I never thought they were a playoff team, and now the Padres showed up finally this weekend and battered them.  Of course, it’s too little-too late for the Padres. Sorry can’t cheer this non playoff team.

PRELLER’S PEOPLE…So much heat on the GM for grossly overpaying on all these contracts-rightfully so for this non playoff team.  But some of these signings are really good…Seth Lugo..Michael Wacha…finding Ha Seong Kim.  Even the pickup of journeyman Gary Sanchez, who has righted his career after crummy years.

DODGERS…What a jolt of reality for LA when the Braves came out swinging and bashed the Blue.  If you pitch around Mookie Betts-Freddie Freeman, guess you have  a chance.  Atlanta looks like a 115-win team this year.  Dodgers will have to face them in the NLCS since Atlanta-LA are the best in the NL….One of them is likely in the World Series

ANGELS..Just an awful skid to the end of the season and the impending doom and gloom, Shohei Ohtani’s impending free agency.  Now the report Mike Trout wants a sit down and might ask for a trade this winter.  What a hopeless feel this must be in Anaheim.  Arte Moreno needs to sell the team.  The fans deserve a better product and a new owner.

CHARGERS-RAMS….Here comes the NFL next weekend.  1-very good team (Bolts)…1-very bad (Rams).  Will preview the NFL this week.

AZTECS…Poor play by SDSU against an inferior team in Idaho State, and yet the Bengals hung in there.  Aztecs passing game seems shaky.  Running game looks solid and now Jalen Mayden busting big runs adding on to the run game personalilty.  But it’s a stunner the play would be so poor after a pretty solid opening day win vs Ohio.  Here comes UCLA-so Brady Hoke needs to fix his team.

FANS…Really sad to see this shiny new Snapdragon Stadium with half the seats empty.  It’s like the town does not care, depsite years of wins in the Hoke-Rocky Long era.  Also in indictment the Athletic Department has no clue how to market.

USD…Sad commentary on the hazing situation on the Alcala Way and how the Catholic school has shown no transparency, no information, no updates.  Last week, opening day of the season, no coaches press conference, no Email game releases to the media, no definition of who was being disciplined, and no access to the head coach.  Bad way to conduct business, thinking this story goes away because you won’t let the media cover it.  Ask SDSU how they screwed up dealing with the Matt Araiza crisis last September and how that worked out in a crumbling relationship with the media?

MOUNTAIN WEST…What’s next, only time will tell for Washington State-Oregon State, the last two teams standing in what was the Pac 12.  This may take time to solve.  Where will the Beavers-Cougars TV money come from?  Is this a Pac 2-expansion, or a Mountain West add on?  What happens to the assets, NCAA units, that will be paid over the next years, does that money stay with the two schools left, does it get paid to all the defectees? Very complex project.

GULLS…Hockey preseason camp opens up in two weeks and the Gulls are excited about what they think they will get from the Anaheim Ducks when they make their camp cuts.  As many as 5-quality young defenseman.  And possibly the #1 pick, the Swedish rookie Leo Carlsson, if he does not make the Ducks-NHL roster.  The Gulls need to recapture the spirit of the hockey community after a horror season.  A fascinating year ahead with the arrival of European coach Matt McIlane, who lit up the room as his intro press conference.  Gulls hockey just has not been the same since the Covid year, when they had to move to Anaheim.  3-really years in which hockey here was MIA.


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