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“Weekend Watching”



Here-There-Everywhere…I watched alot and here’s what I think:

TIGER WOODS…This was a monument to his toughness.  We know about his talent.  My question was not about his shotmaking, but whether he could walk the four mile course each day.  He labored on the course.  You could see him limp the final 3-days.  The cold weather seemed to sap his shot making.  Bonus points for the effort.  We see now how his body responds and when he plays next.

RED HOT..Marvelous season continues for Scottie Scheffler, another win.  The big league was chipped away when he struggled late Saturday.  No problem, he fought off all the challengers on Sunday.  Looks good in Green Jacket-really earned it.

FEELING BAD…I might have been the only one to think about him this weekend, Phil Mickelson, at home, in seclusion, out of touch with the PGA Tour, whom he contributed so much over the years.  He’s the ‘Fan’s Man’.  It shouldn’t end this way, not this superstar career.  He’s not suspended.  He wasn’t playing well to start this year.  Maybe Father Time is collecting dues on him.  The Champions Tour is out there.  Hope he meets with PGA officials and solves the biting criticism he directed at them.  Hope whatever the personal demons are, he gets help with, whether it’s financial, health, finances, substance problems for depression.  He has meant so much to the sport for him to go out this way.

PADRES…Three wins in Arizona, now they go play a good team.  The three front line starters, Darvish-Manaea-Musgrove, were pretty impressive (19-innings-2 runs) allowed.  But they have to deal with a late developing injury to Blake Snell.

DODGERS…Strange struggles up in Denver, losing 2-of-3 to Rockies.  Julio Urias got stung.  Waiting for Freddie Freeman-Mookie Betts to start hitting.
Will Cody Bellinger ever hit?

ANGELS…Noah Syndegaard was pretty impressive in debut, after Shohei Ohtani’s opening day start.  After that, things get tough.  They are one injury away from a Trout-Rendon-Ohtani from being in trouble again.

USD…Hit the jackpot hiring Steve Lavin as basketball coach.  AD-Bill McGillis needs to hit this right, but Lavin gives him a chance.  It’s more than the win-loss record, or NCAA tourney appearances, it’s his style, his intelligence, his personality, his compassion.  And the transfer portal and all of his years of contacts that will help him get players.

AZTECS…The help wanted sign said need shooting guard, and SDSU got one, with Dorrian Trammel, a shooting point guard transfer from Seattle.  Brian Dutcher did it with Malachai Flynn, then Matt Bradley, and this transfer could be an ipact player too.

LAKERS LINE…Guess we now watch to see who winds up in the Exit Line at the Lakers office after this injury ravaged-bad chemistry team wrapped up a brutal season.  Is it GM-Rob Pelinka, Coach Frank Vogel, or a select group of players who leave LA.  What a disaster.

CLIPPERS…Headed to the NBA play-in game, I guess an accomplishment to reach the playoffs without much from Paul George and no Kawhi Leonard in any lineup.  Good team chemistry but don’t know if they have enough to get far in the post season.

INDY CAR..Very surprising Jimmie Johnson, the El Cajon star, stayed in the cockpit to run in the Long Beach Grand Prix, after breaking his hand and injurying two fingers in a pair of crashes on Saturday in practice.  They got the car fixed, but he finished 20th.  The real storyline is what he does in the month of May come Indy 500-time, especially after Johnson stormed to a 6th place finish in his first oval race for Ganassi racing.


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