1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday. “WHAT A WEEKEND IN SPORTS”

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You could cut thru the tension with a pair of scissors.

Pick any place and you could feel it…see it…experience it.

Not just the Padres-Braves game
Not even Shohei Ohtani’s game winning extra inning Dodgers hit over the Reds

But in the NBA-game seven-Denver-Minnesota..the hot and cold blowout outings by visiting teams in the other guys buildings.  A wild series coming to an end and it was bitter with tons of hard fouls and trash talk.  Minnesota backed up its mouthy play with defense and a big night from the bigs.  The Nuggets go home angry losing 3-of these games on home floor.

Indiana getting up off the deck to beat down the battered NY Knicks, now heading to the Eastern Conference finals

In the NHL, how about the Oilers-Vancouver war, that is now headed to a 7th game.  Which backup goalie would survive and advance.  What about the Canucks and Oilers stars MIA some nights?

Then there was the arrival of Xander Schauffele in golf, arriving as a star, with a dominant win in the PGA-Championships, his first Grand Slam win ever, and how he did it.  9-birdies the first day and then a 7-birdie final day and fighting off challengers at 18 on the final afternoon.

And of course the tension at Indianapolis Speedway,…qualifying for next weekend’s 500, and doing so with on track temps at a record (130-degrees).  Team Penske took the front row in record times too, as in (234mph) hot laps.  The back of the field qualifying was equally gripping, 4-cars trying to make the last 3-spots.  And of course, wrecks, flips and wall banging, a scene setter for next weekend’s race.

It was pressure, it was success, it was failure.  What an edge of the seat Sunday it was.


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