1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Monday “What Does the Chargers Win Mean?”

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“What the Fans-Media-Coaches Have Been Waiting For”


They were dynamic, they were diverse, they were dangerous when they had the ball, and when they went after the ball.

The Chargers (33-30) overtime win in Atlanta on Sunday was what many thought could happen this year, and what many hoped would happen.

The Bolts put on a show of explosive plays, big yardage plays, big defensive stands, and dominated in stretches, in beating a pretty good team, in a prety tough venue at the Georgia Dome.

Philip Rivers ‘refuse to lose’ approach drove this team to the brink, and this time, people around their superstar QB made the plays to get them across the finish line.

Tyrell Williams caught lots of big yardage passes. Melvin Gordon ran heavy duty, caught passes, scored 3-times, and stuck his nose in there blitz blocking.

Travis Benjamin rallied out of his funk to run loose with yards after the catch.

Dontrelle Inman, missing in action, came thru as an option receiver.

On defense, the relentless Joey Bosa had 2-more sacks, 2-more tackles for losses, and was in Matt Ryan’s face.

Brandon Mebane clogged up the middle, and kept blockers off his linebackers.

And the little guy, Denzel Perryman made the two biggest plays of the season, the rally killing pick of a Ryan pass, and the 4th down tackle for loss in overtime giving the Bolts the ball.

Drew Kasor hit long punts, Josh Lambo cooly kicked 3-more field goals.

Mike McCoy and Ken Whisenhunt shed their conservative pages in the playbook, and let it rip, with 4th down calls, passes off blitzes, and even a wide receiver-reverse-option pass. They’re coaching not just to win, but to keep their jobs.

The team showed resiliency after a horrid second quarter, especially when Rivers got sacked twice, and fumbled. The 3rd and 4th quarter series offset the horrors of what happened in the second quarter.

This team nearly won in Kansas City. Could have won in Oakland. Did win in a nasty venue in Atlanta.

It only counts as one win, but it puts them now in the neighborhood going into Denver next weekend, where a road win vs the Broncos could get them to (4-4), and give them some momentum to face an easier second half of the season schedule.

They kept their longshot playoff hopes alive, and ketp the wolves at bay off Coach Mike McCoy, though he still needs a strong finish to the season, to keep his job.

No one wants to hear anything about a contract extension yet. Let’s see if they can keep winning.

But for all the adversity this team has suffered thru, and all the self-inflicted wounds they have caused, they still have a chance.

The quarterback keeps delivering, and for once, the defense delivered to its potential.

Only counts as one win, but we saw the potential of what this team could be, even with so many players out for the year with injuries.

So that’s what a come-from-behind win looks like. Haven’t seen many of those around San Diego in a long time. Now they just have to duplicate it again.

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