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Aztecs…A QB-Journey Travelled”


San Diego State has had a legacy, a lineage, of quality quarterbacks dating back to the late 1960s, just not so much recently.

You remember Dennis Shaw, who went on to the AFL-Buffalo Bills?
Jesse Frietas from back in the day?
Matt Kofler’s magical season?
Dan McGuire-the Iowa transfer?
Brian Sipe’s brilliance?
Todd Santos’ long run?
David Lowrey from the Marshall Faulk era?
Billy Blanton’s big bombs.
The more modern record setters of Ryan Lindley-Kevin O’Connell?

They did wonderful things, put up big statistics, got to Bowl games.

But SDSU has become a very successful program, running the football, playing defense, and having a QB to manage games.

Meet Jordan Brookshire, who transferred in, sat a year, got sick, had to play, and has now risen from 4th on the depth chart last year to starting quarterback a week from now when SDSU opens the season against New Mexico State.

Quite a journey, from Santa Rosa JC, to Laney College-a state power, to redshirt status at SDSU.  Then there was Covid last year, his sickness, him missing 4-weeks.  Then with just 3-days practice, he had to play at Colorado State, and proceeded to carry the ball 27-times,and make enough passes to win the game.

Now the job is his, annointed on Wednesday by Coach Brady Hoke, praised by Off Coor-Jeff Hecklinski, and supported by the guys he beat out, Georgia Tech transfer Lucas Johnson and Mississipp State transfer Jalen Maden.

It was an emotional day for everyone, and you could tell from the way the coaches talked, the respect Brookshire has earned, of the staff, in the QB room, in the huddle, and now on the field.

Brady Hoke:

..He won this job…went out and played well…was decisive…was confident.
..We evaluate QBs lots of ways..we put alot of pressure on them to produce
..We want to see how consistent they can be under that pressure.
..He played better than the others
..He made plays…ran the drives..in the red zone..play calls at the line
..He showed toughness at the end of the year.  He overcame things
..He battled.  He gets angry….Learned to do things right.

Jeff Hecklinski:
..A very emotional meeting to name him the starter
..He came from 4th on the roster to earn this job.
..He is remarkable..toughness-energy-hard work
..His passing accuracy has grown-not how hard you throw it
..He sees things now-he can visualize the plays
..From the 3rd practice this spring-we saw it come together
..He had it so tough a year ago
..He had Covid for 4-weeks-did not practice..came back ready to play
..Learned by fire-learned on the field
..He had 3-days practice and then ran ball 27-times against Colorado State
..He became a leader this summer..became a true QB
..Been thru things most kids not experienced
..Not enough words describe credit he deserves
..Never quits..never panics..just a fighter
..Never questioned us..just worked harder to improve.
..I have learned to be a player driven coach-not a play-driven coach
..I have comfort and trust in Brookshire.

We find out a week from Saturday, if San Diego State has a ‘game manager at QB’…or a ‘game changer’

Jordan Brookshire will get the call and the ball.

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