1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday. “America’s Darkest Hour?”

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“Darkest Moments of Society”


I am having a hard time wrapping my arms around where we are at this hour.

A hard time getting my head to accept what we are seeing and experiencing as the day goes forward.

Shootings, fires, looting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

A police officer shoots a black man 7-times in the back and legs as he tried to get into his car, unarmed.

A 17-year old Illinois teen, who had been pictured in the front row at Trump speech, goes to Wisconsin and kills 2-people in the streets with an AK-15, and the police drive right by the teen.

A pandemic that is raging out of control, claiming over 170,000-victims.

Businesses filing for bankruptcy daily.

Congress in a political war zone on how to save the country.

The fires raging across Northern California and now Western Colorado.

A hurricane crashing overnight onto the Louisiana Gulf Coast, where death-destruction will become the lead story by sunrise Thursday.

A Republican National Convention where the speakers deliver rage-filled comments directed at the the demise of society, telling people things will get worse with a Democrat in the White House, ignoring all things happening at this hour to the Republican led country right now.

The ‘most honest’ video I have ever seen from Clippers coach Doc Rivers asking  ‘how we keep loving this country and this country not love us back’.

Popular NBA-TV analyst Kenny Smith getting up and walking off the set, saying he cannot talk basketball when black brothers continued to get shot by police, while a stunned Charles Barkley and Shaq O’Neal sit on the set in stunned silence.

The fusilade of angry tweets from NBA players everywhere about where our country is, and why things have yet to change since the George Floyd killing thru the Josh Blake shooting. .

The Milwaukee Bucks, making the first public statement, refusing to come on the NBA courts for a playoff game, leading to 3-cancellations of games.

The Milwaukee Brewers refusing to play at home in the wake of the Kenosha killings.

The NFL refusing to intercede in the second major scandal involving Dan Syder’s ownership of the once proud Redskins franchise, now that this damning Washington Post story about a ‘Voyeur Video surfaces.

The NHL refusing to cancel games in the wake of criticism from its hockey analysts that games should not be played on this one Wednesday night.

College football continuing on as if nothing is amiss, despite the horrid number of positive virus tests on campuses at Alabama, Notre Dame, North Carolina State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and more.

My head hurts, my heart ached with everything happening all day Wednesday into the night.

The emotions drain out of your life when you try to grasp what is happening in the greatest country in the world.

Sports doesn’t seem very important right now, except for the statements made by the teams and athletes about our civil unrest.

I do not understand the hate, the angry rhetoric, the lack of credibility in the White House, the disrespect of African-Americans, the guns, the failure to control the virus-crisis.  I fear the climate change reality of all the destructive storms we see yearly.

I write this choked up by emotion, just not understanding how the greatest nation in the world could be where it is at this hour.

The lowest I have ever felt on my own personal emotional spectrum were the hours in the midst of 9/11.

What we are experiencing this hour leads me to think this may be America’s darkest hour now.

Pray for our country.

God may be the only one to lead us out of what we have become.

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