1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Aztecs Basketball–Best Season Ever”

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“Aztecs Basketball–Greatest Year Ever”


I said 4-weeks ago, I thought San Diego State could roll thru an unbeaten season.

Coach Brian Dutcher did not want to touch that question, but here we are with an Aztecs team (23-0), still ranked 4th in the nation, with only 6-games left in the campaign, and a definite chance they could go higher than the 4th place they have in the AP-poll.

Name the game, they will play it.  Transition, they are averaging 75 a game, shooting 47% from the floor and a staggering 38% from the three point line..
Defensively they are giving up 57 per nite.

Want to grind and bang, no problem.  Holding the other guy to 37% shooting.  Out rebounding them (36-32).  Holding them to an anemic (37%) shooting from the floor….just 27% from the arc.

Oh by the way, SDSU has forced 333-turnvoers and blocked 121-shots, which means the other team has had (554) possessions they did not score on.

Amazing, just amazing.  On to Air Force next on Saturday.

Man, they are playing some kind of basketball on Montezuma Mesa.

Coach Brian Dutcher’s comments:

..Great win over Utah State…Kawhi Leonard jersey…atmosphere …perfect time
..Bye week…rest legs…get some practice young players
..Look who Air Force has beaten at home…Utah State-Boise
..Air Force-never know what you get…altitude…smart…play hard…senioirs…shoot threes
..Air Force seniors have won a lot of games
..Their athletes have such a regimented day…what they do on-off court
..Kids committed to academics-basketballs…great respect what they do with careers
..Air Force uses great equalizer…their 3-point shots…they shoot a lot of them
..They run Princeton offense…they get a lot of threes
..Look at seedings-where you might play…I don’t look at that stuff
..We want to hang a banner-win the Mountain West…then move to the NCAA tourney
..I want my players wired like me.
..I want to stay in the West..play close to home to get to Staples Center
..I question where our heads are at when we practice
..We have taken a lot of time off this week…3-days limited practice…get them off legs
..Utah State made 9-3’s on us…anyone can do that to
..Experience on defense has helped us a lot
..Nathan Mensah doing individual drills…shooting…hope to have him back for Mountain West Tourney or the NCAAs.


Matt Mitchell Comments.
..Saturday…be living in entire moment…was fun to be in the experience
..My freshman year I had 31…hit 7-3s in that game…been a long time
..Of course we think about rankings-seedings…trying not to get ahead of things
..Very hard to stay in the moment..not look forward
..Woujld be a big deal to be a number 1-seed..we still have something to prove
..NCAAs….staying on West Coast-location would be good
..Playing on East Coast would be fun too
..Good to be down 10-vs Utah State…down against Iowa…good to have adversity
..We learn we are not invincible
..Our young players have tough transition from high school…not going to average 28 per game
..You learn to play hard both sides of the ball
..Environment on campus is exciting…living the moment




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