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“Aztecs Basketball–How Good Are They”


They head to New Mexico for their biggest game of the season on Saturday, when San Diego State takes on the Lobos with 1st place and the MWC title right there to be taken.

Of course they all go to Las Vegas for the MWC tourney in a couple of weeks, but those games are on neutral floors and are very winnable for SDSU.

But here’s the real question.  How really good is San Diego State?  Yes they won a bunch of tough early season conference games on the road.  But then strange games happened too.

Brian Dutcher is (141-45) in his career at San Diego State.  He had the (30-2) team that never got to the NCAA tourney with the covid cancellation.

His team has won some huge non conference games over the last couple of years, as witnessed by how they went to war with UCLA.

They opened the season with a spectacular show during 3-games in 3-nites in the Maui Classic.  But warring against Arkansas and Arizona seems like a lifetime ago.  At one point I thought this could be a 30-win season.

But now I don’t know who they really are.

With all this long standing experience, Matt Bradley to Nathan Mensah, who have been given extra years because of the covid issues in basketball, there has been no consistency..

How far along are young veterans in the program like Jaedon LeDee, on his third school, and Keshad Johnson, a full time starter?  Do you know what you get night to night?

Why has the backcourt been so streaky all year long, considering how many games Matt Bradley, Lamont Butler and Derrion Trammell have played at their respective schools?

If this was to be the big time season, how do they play so pitifully at Fresno State?  Why have they struggled in home games against lesser teams?

Where is the offense from veteran shooting guards?  The trust in three point shooters is in an issue with so many in and out games from Adam Seiko..

The bench bunch has been spectacular some nights, missing in action in others, but you have to believe AG Aroup, Micah Parrish and others will show up and give them valuable minutes at the most important time of the year.

But there has been no dominance of late, despite this five game winning streak, and the fact they have 9-wins in the last 10-games, as they go on the floor in Albuquerque.

Dutcher’s ability to keep this program at its elite level is something.
Dutcher’s (0-3) record in March Madness is stunning.

And in a year of ups and downs across the country in college basketball no one really knows if there is a clear cut choice to be a dominant team come tourney time.

Where does Arizona fit in?  How deep is UCLA?  Is Gonzaga what they used to be?

And of course the Aztecs, when I watched the pathetic 40% shooting night at Fresno against a substandard Bulldogs team, I asked myself, how could this team be considered a team with a deep run into the tournament?

That sounds unfair considering the record is (22-5).  I wondered if they could bottle what they did against UNLV a week ago, but then your realize the Rebels are limited beyond one or two key players.

Just when you want to say you are worried, they do what they did at Utah State.
But then again clunkers or outings reappear.

Brian Dutcher probably is asking himself the same thing as they go to New Mexico.  Who are they wearing these colors?

Everybody should be looking for answers and consistent performances too, for once March Madness arrives, you won’t be playing second tier teams you played during the regular season.

Who is San Diego State right now?


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