1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Aztecs–City–Stadium Struggle–Why?”

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“Aztecs Football–Strange Way Do Business”


I knew this would be complicated, this attempt to walk down the path for SDSU to take over operation-control and purchase the SDCCU Stadium sight.

Now we have pressure points, insults and threats, and a stupid move that seems to throw roadblocks into the relationship between San Diego State and the City.

And to complicate things, the Athletic Department announces it is opening up sales of the Founders Suites and Sky boxes at the new stadium, the one to be built on land SDSU still doesn’t own, in a stadium that might not open till 2022 or possibly a year after that, at the most traumatic time in our society since 9/11 or 2008.

SDSU has agreed with the city on the 86M-purchase price of the acreage in Mission Valley.  It has the 650M-in financing from the California State system.  It has the architects and the business infrastructure in place.

What it does not have is a finalized contract to take over the land, take over operation of SDCCU Stadium, or the completion of documents on the building of the River Park and an accompanying foot bridge from the Fenton Shopping area.

What neither side has yet either, is a solution to possible litigation from groups that might try to block the construction of housing, buildings, dorms, offices on land parcels near where the Stadium is to be built.  That and answers to what might be a messy environmental issue that could resurface.

SDSU turned over the 600-page contract, full of legalese, to City Council on Tuesday, but the City Attorney says there are still 14-major issues to be resolved, and the Council is not going to sign any document yet.  The City Attorney is miffed that SDSU is trying to execute a ‘power play’ rushing this thru so they can get it done by May 19th, taking over control of the entire real estate project by July 1st.

Added in, the insinuation that SDSU made over 2300-changes in language in the contract that was initially agreed to, and that the city will not sign off on the document till each item is reviewed.  And in the  middle of this Virus-Crisis, with a crumbling budget, City Council is refusing to be bullied into approving a document, that still needs ‘I’s dotted and T’s crossed.  The name-calling, and rock-throwing has begun.

As for the Athletic Department, a tone-deaf move, in the middle of this massive work shutdown, huge layoffs, life threatening unemployment, and daily death counts,  to announce they are starting sales of the Founders Sky boxes and fans sky suites at the new stadium.

You know, the stadium on land they don’t own yet, on a stadium yet to turn a shovel of dirt, in an era where the US shutdown will likely be followed by tons of bankruptcies.

What an ill timed decision by a University, wanting to bid out the 4-Founders Suites and 48-Founder Club seats.  No doubt the package will include tickets and buffets to every Aztecs event and social gathering in the new stadium.  No doubt the hospitality package will be exceptional somewhere down road, but how can you think that today knowing what the news is today about our health and our troubled economy.

But to do this in a city waiting for the pandemic to peak, in an economy facing as much as 20% unemployment by the end of the week, it seems ill-advised for John David Wicker and his Athletic Department to announce this endeavor, at this time in our life.

I knew getting the Stadium purchase agreement done would be challenging.  I didn’t think trying to sell Aztecs football to a physically-and-emotionally devastated business community would happen on this date.

Just asking, “Why”?

Why demand so many changes in the purchase agreement you had accepted?

Why ask for big money donations with so many businesses in trouble and so many people hurting financially?

Please tell me there is a legitimate explanation for all these issues, at this time in our life.

Otherwise I’ll have to tell you this is a bad step backwards.

SDSU-San Diego State University.
SDSU-Same Dam Screw Ups.



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