1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Aztecs Coach-Gives His Team-Vote of Confidence-Lectures the Media Too”

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Aztecs Coach-Gives HIs Team-Vote of Confidence-Gives Lecture to Media”


Rocky Long’s team faces a big game…at Fresno…with 1st place in the Mountain West on the line. The Aztecs are struggling, despite a (7-3) record. Fresno State is rolling, even with last week’s loss to Boise State.

SDSU’s coach says he is dealing with reality right now, and believes the future is better. He gave his team a vote of confidence on Tuesday, and lectured the media about expectations, pressures, disappointments, and the big picture..


..We’re playing the best team in the league
..Most veteran team in league
..Best offense-defense in league…quite a challenge

..Boise State took what they could get from Fresno
..Boise kept everything infront of them defensively
..Boise poised on offense
..Aztecs-start looking for reasons why we struggle
..We’ve had the same situation in 2014-too many young players
..We had expectations-but there are reasons for struggles
..I think we overachieved early in year.

..Take true facts-playing like we should play
..We need to take emotions out of it-determine how many veterans we have
..We’ve won 7-games..we’re going to a bowl
..This team has overachieved as young as they are
..I had hoped they would develop veteran leadership at start-I didn’t-my mistake
..I realized it 3-weeks ago-and accepted.

..We still have a minute chance to win the championship
..We are at huge disadvantage now with youth-resources
..We beat Power 5-teams-we overachieved

,,Don Coryell had 5-great teams in row..then (6-5) record..lots freshman
..The more you don’t play up to expectations-lack of confidence increases
..To 18-year old-losing confidence is tough
..Losing to UNLV is not a shock to me-their coaches done a good job

..Real surprise-we have this young a team-we’ve won 7-games-that’s surprise
..We have group of good young players who will be special in 2-years
..We don’t have it now-they are out of their league-this experience will do them well.

..Frustrating part is coaching them-some kids rally from adversity-others don’t
..Kids have not been in program enough to know how to react
..Our line of scrimmage is important-if you control it-you win
..If you don’t win line of scrimmage-you could lose.
..Those guys upfront are so important to us
..It’s a simple game-but it starts upfront.

..Beat Boise-everyone had a good day..not string it together
..We’re so young, we just haven’t be able to repeat that type of game-yet.

..Fresno-amazing turnaround last year with good QB
..Marcus McMaryion has 2-or-3 outstanding receivers
..Will be aggressive against McMaryion..
..We play soft-in fear-get beat by 35
..McMaryiion stats very impressive-beats zones-man
..His offensive line is loaded-thrown only 3-picks-protect him

..Jeff Tedord-he is a QB-guru coach-has flipped program
..Fresno defense is dominant-gets no credit
..They’re just as good on defense as they are on offense

..Fresno rivalry…our kids don’t know about it-but they will
..Christian Chapman will start at quarterback
..Offensive line not playing very well…they are beat up..
..Offensiive line has not matched expectations

..Rashaad Penny…Just be patient-look how he’s playing in Seattle now

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