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“Aztecs Farewell’

The San Diego State season is fast coming to a close.
A new era will start within a couple of weeks, now that Brady Hoke is stepping down.
His Tuesday press conference, and that of AD-JD Wicker was honest-emotional-pure-truthful

Brady Hoke-comments

RETIREMENT…It was time…glad it could be me making the choice
..Looking forward to this day
..Proud of every stop we have made
..The 12-win season-so proud of
..SDSU football will be in good hands..way we do things here

..Hit 65th birthday-not sure we ever know
..Thought about it
..Hard to tell players leaving-it’s sad for sure
..You are with them all the time
..New coach must have character
..There are good coaches with bad character traits
..Counsel players-you came to a special place-remember why you came
..Above my pay grade what SDSU should do

..NIL limitations-we must accept it
..I was not high on NIL and transfer portal
..NIL impacted us..we lost 4-guys
..Simmons to Ohio State..Baskerville to Texas Tech..it was money issue
..Don’t know how lockerooms across country don’t get impacted
I’ve done
..No different feel leaving Ball State-Michigan-SDSU…it feels the same
..We will keep recruiting…we have 9-to-12 commitments so far

HISTORY (120-68)…It’s never been about us..it’s about the kids we develop…as players and husbands-fathers-when they are done with this game..they are good for the situation they are in

GAME CHANGED..Alot of veteran coaches don’t like what we see with the changes..and some coaches have decided to retire…People will figure this out

SENIORS..I want to focus on those kids play their final game


COLORADO STATE…Our defense kept us in there

SAN JOSE..We want to start fast
Kairee Robinson-we must tackle him
Chad Cordeiro-been in college 6-years..really talented
Defense gets after our run
They have had really good defensive front last 3-years
Brent Brennan-head coach-good group-great job
Comes off Craig Bohls-tree-Wyoming

Most troubling we have not been able to jump start the offense
Jaylen Maden sees big picture and small picture
Jekull-Hyde offense…it taks 11-guys doing it right
We are not at the point guys can make mistakes and survive it
Cam Davis did a great job..great kid
Lucky Sutton has arrived as a talent
Defense-gave up too many big plays
Kicking game had problems last week
Jack Browning-contusion on his knee
DE-Garrett Fountain-RB-Martin Blake

..Coming in Monday=knew something was off
..Spent 5-years with Coach Hoke-learned a ton from that man
..We got emotional when he got emotional
..We knew something was up..he was my best friend
..Hoke created this culture
..He brought winning culture to us
..Brady-Rocky-have done a great job

..Learn from Hoke about football and life..he’s helped me become a better man and person in society…phenominal leader of men and family..learned so much and off the field…learned to be great player..and be a man-husband-father

..it’s okay to be a person and a player…an amazing person…talks 1-on-1 about everything…it’s okay to be wrong-make a mistake…have character..have personality

He cares-very understanding..he is first there for players on and off the field…family is first then football.

Tough season..in 20-21 we had a lot of close things go our way
Has not happened this year
5-to-7 plays in a game determine a game..have not gone this way
We are still fighting to win

Final 2-games means alot for us for Coach Hoke
We are fighters

JD Wicker addressed our team..said Hoke did a phenominal job for us
We are not going to change who we are

Brady-Rocky Long  sales pitch to players…they go together same way
Old school-blue collar guyu
Both guys tough as nails

We need to be the same dog on behalf of this program

NIL is great for kids and college programs..we work hard
It’s a great thing…some schools have more resources..some don’t
We play for wins not for money
We came here because of the culture and the team aspect of brotherhood
I came to earn a degree and win games…not about money

We love support from fans..
100 of us go out on Saturday and play for our team
We block out poor attendance
Fans coming in the future will help us
You never know the kind of support what it means to our team
We love the sound of a full stadium
Want students to be proud of being an Aztec
Fans can really help us…great help to our program



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