1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “AZTECS FOOTBALL–A BEGINNING”

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San Diego State football coach Sean Lewis has hit the Aztecs Athletic Center like a tornado.

His roster has been turned upside down.  Transfers coming in.  Transfers going out.  A haul of high school players.

SDSU is bleeding talent, a record 21-players hit the transfer portal, but Lewis has used his recruiting contacts made while at Colorado, to haul in Power 5-players.

2-quarterbacks, a load of defensive backs, a starting WR and a TE, guys with lots of production on this resume.

Sean Lewis met with the media to talk about his first recruiting class and all the other things he has had to deal with since replacing Brady Hoke:

21-days of great guidance from our academic side to clear these players

25-signings so far, we are closing on other players

14-on offense…11-on defense

11-transfers coming in
3-transfers are coming home to California
11-high school signings…big premium on multi-sport athletes
7-all star recruits so far

We held onto large number of high school commits
It was natural, they are hungry and ready to join us
Social media is a freeway to these recruits-tell our story
We are using the tools of all social media

Assessed the roster-get to know these players
As players made decisions-we had holes to fill
We offer opportunities to fill those holes
Our style of play-make our players fit

Not disappointed in 21-transfers…we adopt or die..
Majority of guys came in and meet to say why they are leaving
Ryan Lindley did a tremendous job-with our connections
He will stay on board as a senior analyst

The local players are winners-very productive
Day 1-Year 1-they will be with us-hit it

Danny O’Neil-deep meaning relationship…I identified him at Kent State
Built relationship at Colorado
His family understood what we were doing
His compteitive nature…wide breath of skills-abilities
He is 1-of the top 11-QBs in the nation

AJ Duffy-from Inland Empire..grew at Florida State
We have 6-quarterbacks in the room-they will compete
McDuffy is dual threat QB as well

Our tight ends have to be transformer…bring a skill set lots roles
Want high IQ-guys at the position…must do alot of things
Gabe Garrettson lots of experience

There will be more OL coming in..
Big bodies are at a premium
We have to be judicious as to who we offer
Think a half dozen guys may show up in spring transfer portal reopens
Players consistent play is a key to who we got

Roster management is huge-we will hold scholarships once signings ends
Everywhere we have gone we have had to do it fast
Learned so much at Kent State
We learned how to adopt-be fluid…
New signing period-learning about new rules, the school etc
Learned how to put recruiting systems in place
Learned how to figure out portal quickly at Colorado
We have limited window of time..not waste it

Combination of Aztecs tradition and how we revamp the offense
We will sell-tell our story-let people know what this will be like

We have as many as 23-mid year spots available for spring ball
Hope to fill all those slots by our first meeting January 21st
I met with every player..inside-out-told them why I chose them
Wanted them to stay..and these players help sell our program

Spring football starts March 12th and we will be ready
My staff’s experience is proof in the pudding of what we do works
My assistants will sell this in the lockerroom to our players
Spring ball..we hope to run 40-snaps in 15-minutes

Door not open for any transfers who went into portal-to come back.



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