1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “AZTECS FOOTBALL–A NEW BEGINNING”

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Sean Lewis has arrived as the new football coach at San Diego State.

This will be a new experience, maybe a new era, the debut of ‘Aztecs Air’, this state of the art passing game he perfected at Kent State and brought to Colorado.

That’s not the only thing that is new.  So are 36-new recruits, 20-from the transfer portal, and 16-high school recruits.

Included will be two new QBs, a transfer from Florida State and a passing star from the high school ranks in Indianapolis.

The recruiting list includes justm5-offensive lineman and only 4-on the defensive line, odd, in that SDSU graduated alot and lost a ton in the transfer portal.

To augment his new playbook, he has imported 4-tight ends and 7-wide receivers.

But the real story line will be the importation of QBs AJ Duffy from FSU and Danny O’Neil from the Indianapolis high school ranks.

Sean Lewis-Recruiting press conference:

Close and bow on signing class
Excited what we have been able to do since December

Make sure we could fill the trenches were filled
Wanted length and speed
Taking right kids in OL-DL
Very fluid how many scholarships we have left

New transfer portal-better stay ahead of curve to get players
We learn to manage roster differently now than a few years ago
Another spring practice-there is another window to get players
The greener pasture may not be somewhere else
Grow our green grass-develop our players

This transition was smooth..we laid out plan how to fill this roster out
Top pillars, building our culture and adding players
We think we have the right fit

Wanted be truthful with our players..constant dialogue
I chose to be here..want you to be here-let’s go do this work together
We have to work thru the adversity
Bringing kids home who went somewhere else important

Priorities now in winter conditioning-size-strength-to run our offense
Start installing our schemes like
Install our cultural beliefs..describe our formations

Kids are hungry-appetite
Kids don’t know what they don’t know
I want to run 40-plays in a 15-minute span
It is a holistic change in what we do
We have 104-kids-full roster and early enrollees
I have had multiple 1,000-yard receivers at Kent-Colorado
Number of plays we run-everyone has opportunity to be in the system

We show kids tapes of Bowling Green-Syracuse-Kent State
Show them what our receivers have become other places
Come join..they sign with us..they entrust us with our careers

Excited to see where we can take SDSU as landscaped has changed
So much room for growth opportunity here

In spring, who is our QB.  What can we put on tape to show them good-elite
Experience everything..at Kent find solutions..way to win these games
Colorado-learned how focus it is to do each week-laser focused
Don’t let end results worry you-keep improving

Scheme-skill help us..need right players in place
Culture drives execution
There are alot of good coaches in the MWC
There are ways to slow this down-but our execution allows us to grow

Not disappointed so many kids left-kids made decisions
If Bill Belichick got this job-players would have left too

Bringing Mike Schmidt back as OL coach from Syracuse-Miss St-great

April 20th will be our spring game here

We brought in 1-year transfer players, like TE-Jude Wolf-USC
WR-Ja Shawn Polk has 1-year came from Kent-West Virginia
WR-Nate Bennett-big frame-Portland State-refined route runner
WR-Lewis Brown-Colorado State-deep skill set
WR-Jerry McClure-UCLA-tremendous high ceiling

LB-Tanu Luteli-Army-strong-fast-instinct-impressed

QB-AJ Duffy-Florida State-gym rat-smart kids-grew up in FB family
QB-Danny O’Neil-Indiana-understands this level of work to make this work


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