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1-final game to a disappointing season.
1-final game for Brady Hoke as head coach.
Surely a strange end to what was expected.
Even the rivalry game with Fresno State seems to have dimmed.
Great years in the Mountain West, wild nights in the WAC-seem a long time ago

Brady Hoke:

These have been tough games for us
Want these guys to finish strong
We flashed running the football..time of possession
Big plays in 2nd half made a difference in loss at San Jose State
Play for the seniors in our program
Not been a day we had to start practice over because of bad practices
Our kids have never given up
We have played really good defense at the start of most games
Our offense-at times-was in sync-but not 4-quarters
We just never got a bunch of turnovers this year-that is odd

Bizarre season across entire MWC
Surprise games everywhere in the conference
Offenses gotten better around the conference at other schools

We have a bunch of really good kids here…
Transfers..players interfaced with Aztecs football
Developed alot of good kids

Flip and fix Aztecs…we just went to work hard
We wanted character-culture…got right guys
Support staff with out coaches
Alot of us went thru the same things in fixing Ball State
Same attitude-be as tough as we

Different feel as we exit-this will be emotional
It is time for me to move on
It has hit me finally this week-
Senior day is an emotional day for us-very tough as a

Leave the next guy…a good group of freshman and sophomores
When we eat together on Fridays-seniors eat first..we count all young guys
We look at the coming classes..someone gets

Told my assistants the truth…don’t believe I’ll coach again
Very hard thing to do this time
Most coaches have been thru change…dealing with families

Last 4-years..tough to handle mental standpoints
Covid-no home games-Arraiza-stadium
Wear and tear on kids was something to see


(Jalen Mayden)

Excited to play 1-final game after all these years
It is surreal-our final game
3-years at Mississippi State-3 at San Diego State

Coach Hoke announcement=was surprising
He has done so much..attention to detail
It hit us hard-he had great career
Hoke has not taken any different approach in coachg

Hoke told us ‘take advantage of every opportunity’
Appreciate his positive approach..even with his hard coaching style
In life things don’t go well..tomorrow is another day to get better
Losing a game is not the worst thing in life
He is a great mentor

Coming here taught me mental toughness-going to defensive side
He taught us hard work…stripped you down-rebuilt your career

Best games…the 3-overtime game vs Utah
Beating Boise State after being down 16-3-we regrouped
Watching QBs work thru adversity and then getting my chance
Playing safety the first time vs Toledo after all the hard work

The 12-win season we had-hard one-we were very resilient
Lots of 1-possession game…last drives

Covid season was so tough…never imagined how hard it was
Spring ball cancelle;d…then classes cancelled
Would we move to spring ball
It brought our team closer…had zoom meetings everyday
That 2021 season-no fans-we played for each other
We learned to love the games-even if our practices were different-had no meetings
We never thought about it as it was happening
It was 13-games away

Playing for Coach Long-different than Coach Hoke
Played for 4-different coaches…it is a whole new slate to do what you do
Pro Day-want to do QB and safety in workouts

Playing football gave me aspect of teamwork and hard work
Class work-homework-watching film-practice…
Big aspect of learning life
Learned about organization of life
Our life skills are so much better

Ryan Lindley-growth on job…we grew together-my 1st year as a starter
We mash out brains together..he helps me all the time
I’ve grown big time…he’s grown too-handled it really well



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